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Canada has emerged as the dream destination to live and work for skilled workers. With the supportive policies and facilities provided by the Canadian government, it has become a favourite among Indians as well. Data shows that Canada needs an increased workforce in the coming years. Due to its inability to produce enough graduates, it is open to taking up immigrants and providing them with the necessary facilities. Due to the same, 2024 is a great time to move to this beautiful country and experience an enhanced quality of life and other facilities.

But the question remains, how can I get jobs in Canada for Indians? Following some simple steps, you can immigrate by making the most of Canada’s job vacancies to get job in Canada from India

How To Get Jobs in Canada from India Easily?

Getting a job in Canada from India requires a lot of research and hard work. With the proper research, you will land your dream job in your dream country, as there are many job openings for Indians in Canada. Before beginning your journey, you need to have a roadmap as to what needs to be done. To summarise the process, you need to follow 3 simple steps to get job in Canada from India.

Step 1: Start looking for Canada job vacancies, give interviews and get your employment letter.

Step 2: Once you get your employment letter, apply for the PR or Permanent Residency.

Step 3: Once you get your PR, move to Canada.

The process seems simple but has a lot of details and work that needs to be done within them. In the following sections, we will touch upon all those intricacies to provide you with a better view of what you need and must do to move closer to your dreams.

List of Documents Required to Apply for a Job in Canada

Documents Required to Apply for Job in Canada from India - Croyez Immigration

To apply for a job in Canada, you need some documents to experience a smooth process. These include the following.

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter with your job application explaining why the employer should consider your application.
  3. Identity proof and passport.
  4. Payslips for evidence.
  5. Visa/Work Permit once you get the employment letter.

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How to Easily Get Jobs in Canada from India?

Ways to Get Jobs In Canada From India - Croyez Immigration

Job hunting does not come easy, to know about the Canada job vacancies is a bit of a task. But knowing and understanding the nitpicks can help to make better-informed decisions. You can easily get jobs in Canada from India by following the steps below.

1. Develop an ATS-Optimized CV

Writing the resume is the first step toward the job application. Your resume speaks a lot for yourself, and due to the same, it needs to have zero errors. Writing a resume requires expertise. In Canada, most companies and organizations use the ATS (Application Tracking System) which filters out the received applications. If you have a resume made by keeping in mind the ATS, there will be higher chances to get jobs in Canada for Indians.

To have an ATS-optimized resume, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind, like

  • Keep the job title and required experience in your heading.
  • Make sure to mention the required skills from the job description throughout your resume.

Keeping these little details in mind, you have a higher chance of getting noticed and getting a call from a potential employer.

2. Using the Right Sources for Applying for Jobs

LinkedIn surely is the most common way to access global employers easily but also search on other platforms like Indeed, Eluta, Glassdoor, or CareerBuilder to leave no stone unturned. Remember, the more sources you have, the quicker you will land a job.

3. Apply for a Canada PR visa

Your probability of getting a job will increase your chances of getting a job offer. Once you get the employment letter from your employer, you can apply for a Canada PR visa. Croyez Immigration can help you to get your PR on time with proper documentation and follow the process properly.

4. How Can Croyez Immigration Help Indians Get a Job in Canada?

Croyez Immigration has expertise in getting work permits to Indians across all the programs like Canada Express Entry program or General Skilled Immigration. We assist with each step.

  1. We can help you build and correct your resumes if you like.
  2. We ensure that your resume reaches your employer.
  3. We work on your profile from scratch, working on every detail to increase your chances of working.
  4. Once you get your letter, we actively help you to apply for your PR, respond to ITA and ensure that all the documents are in place. 

What is the Average Time it Takes to Find a Job in Canada?

The entire process is between 5-6 months, including everything from application to hiring. Croyez Immigration will provide you with support and services at each step to move toward your dreams. 

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Salary Range for Different Professionals in Canada

Every profession is paid as per the labour and designation. The average salary of people in Canada is $44,850 per year, meaning $23 per hour. As per different job professions, the pay range varies as well. They are given in the table below.

Salary range for jobs in Canada in 2024
Designation  New NOC Code  Old NOC Code  Wages in Canadian Dollars (CAD) – Per hour
Low  Median  High
Software Engineer  NOC 21231 NOC 2173 29.54 49.38 72.12
Computer Network Technician  NOC 22220 NOC 2281 19.23 32.00 49.00
Database administrator NOC 21223 NOC 2172 23.08 39.00 56.41
Business Analyst, IT NOC 21221 NOC 2171 25.00 42.16 61.54
Engineer, network systems  NOC 21311 NOC 2147 25.96 46.43 65.13
Computer systems analyst  NOC 21222 NOC 2171 25.00 42.16 61.54
Data entry operator  NOC 14111 NOC 1422 14.42 21.00 33.00
Computer Programmer NOC 21230 NOC 2174 23.60 40.38 58.97
Network Administrator NOC 22220 NOC 2281 19.23 32.00 49.00
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) NOC 00012 NOC 0013 32.88 62.50 96.15
Information Officer  NOC 11202 NOC 1123 18.00 30.50 52.88
Software developer  NOC 21232 NOC 2174 23.60 40.38 58.97
Information Technology (IT) development manager NOC 20012 NOC 0213 34.86 55.38 76.92
Architect NOC 21200 NOC 2151 24.00 36.06 60.00
DevOps Engineer NOC 21231 NOC 2173 29.54 49.38 72.12
Help desk technician NOC 22221 NOC 2282 17.50 28.85 47.60
Sales Assistant  NOC 64100 NOC 6421 13.00 15.20 25.00
Sales Engineer NOC 62100 NOC 6221 17.40 28.82 43.27
Account Executive NOC 11201 NOC 1122 23.08 39.90 62.50
Inside Sales Representative NOC 64100 NOC 6421 13.00 15.20 25.00
Sales and marketing manager  NOC 10022 NOC 0124 24.36 48.08 74.36
Store manager – retail NOC 60020 NOC 0621 18.46 35.58 69.23
Real estate broker NOC 10020 NOC 6232 27,446 per year 46,212 per year  134,783 per year 
Sales Engineer NOC 62100 NOC 6221 17.40 28.82 43.27
Market Development Manager NOC 10022 NOC 0124 24.36 48.08 74.36
Export sales manager  NOC 60010 NOC 0601 27.40 52.88 87.18
Area Sales Manager NOC 60010 NOC 0601 27.40 52.88 87.18
Account Manager NOC 11102 NOC 1114 21.63 34.36 62.50
Cashier NOC 65100 NOC 6611 13.00 14.25 17.00
Construction Worker NOC 75110 NOC 7611 15.00 21.00 35.00

Benefits of Working in Canada for Indians

Canada is a favourite among Indian job seekers due to its quality of life and work, cultural diversity, career benefits, and high-paying salaries. 

Some of the key reasons why it is a preferred location for job seekers are.

  • You have to work 40 hours per week.
  • You get the Pension Plan and Life Insurance.
  • You get 25 paid leaves per year.
  • High-average salaries.
  • Affordable healthcare schemes.
  • You get Compassionate Care Benefits or CCB for your family members.

How Can I Get a Job in Canada Faster?

Getting a job in Canada from India is difficult and daunting, but a proper strategy can help you land one faster.

1. Prepare a Proactive Job Strategy

Applying for jobs on platforms like LinkedIn and other Canadian job portals is not enough. You need to look for jobs proactively. Not everyone can be an expert in this domain, and looking for help is not bad either. Due to the same, you can hire a job expert who understands and knows the Canadian job market. Doing so will make tasks much easier and more effective as well.Some top NOC jobs or Work in Canada from India include the following.

2. Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa

Job seekers who have a PR instead of work permits are more likely to secure a job quickly in Canada. This is so as it guarantees the employer that they can stay for a longer period of time, ensuring that their investment in the resource will not be in vain. Apart from this, employers also abstain from the LMIA charges they have to pay, lowering their costs. You can connect with us to get a PR, and we will help you at all steps.

Why is Permanent Residency a Good Option for Job Seekers in Canada in 2024?

With a PR, your credibility enhances for the employer, making it easier for you to get job offers. Not only this, you do not need a job offer, meaning your visa and PR application can go hand-in-hand. You need 63 points in the Express Entry Program to get your PR, followed by an online visa application process. Once you get your visa, you have many advantages that are given below.

  • Work anywhere and for any company in Canada.
  • Switch between jobs in Canada.
  • You can claim unemployment benefits under several schemes.
  •  Get free education and free healthcare.
  • Right to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years.

With so many job opportunities in Canada for Indians, it is sensible to apply for a PR in 2024. Croyez will help you at each step of your application process. 

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What are the Occupational Requirements for Express Entry Applications?

Canada Express Entry is systematic in issuing visas based solely on skills, points, and experience. Before proceeding with the same, it is necessary to check the code and requirements of the Canada job Vacancies as the NOC. The list of NOC jobs in Canada for Indians is long and is continuously updated.

Some top NOC jobs or Work in Canada from India include the following.

Retail Salesperson

The NOC code is NOC 64100. Canadian employers need talented salespeople to expand their customer base. Irrespective of your B2B or B2C expertise, retail salespersons are required in both sectors. The job titles that come under the same area

  • Clothing salesperson
  • Bookseller
  • Car salesperson
  • Pharmacy clerk
  • Sales clerk

$15.20 is earned per hour by a salesperson in Canada.

Financial Sales Representative

The NOC code is 63102, and they mostly sell loans and are involved in investment products and services. Job titles under these include

  • Credit officer
  • Personal banker
  • Loans supervisor
  • Mortgage officer
  • Students loans officer

The average per-hour earning is $27.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are projected to have a higher demand in 2024. Most of the jobs involve looking after traditional clerk tasks, accounting, and bookkeeping.

The average per-hour pay is $24.

Administrative assistant jobs in Canada in 2024

The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are:

NOC Code  Unit Group 
NOC 13110 Administrative assistants 
NOC 13111 Legal administrative assistants
NOC 13112 Medical administrative assistants 


They have a crucial role in the tech sector of Canada. On average, the per-hour pay is $40.38.

Developer jobs in Canada in 2024

The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are

NOC Code  Unit Group  Job title
NOC 21232 Software Developers and Programmers  Cloud Developer
Computer Game Developer
Electronic business (e-business) Software Developer
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) Software Developer
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Developer
Interactive Media Developer
Mobile Applications Developer
Multimedia Developer
Software Developer
NOC 21234 Web Developers and Programmers Back-end Web Developer
Electronic Business (e-business) Website Developer
Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) Website Developer
Front-End Web Developer
Full Stack Web Developer
Internet Site Developer
Intranet Site Developer
Web Application Developer
Web Developer
Website Developer


Accounting professionals are needed in every industry and department in Canada, making it a solid sector for Indians to work in. The average per-hour pay is $38.46.

Accounting jobs in Canada in 2024

The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are

NOC Code  Unit Group 
NOC 10021 Banking, credit, and other investment managers 
NOC 60010 Corporate sales managers 
NOC 10010 Financial managers 
NOC 11100 Financial auditors and accountants
NOC 12011 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers

Project Manager (Non-Technical)

Any project manager with a PMP degree has a higher chance of securing a good pay job in Canada. You need to have the ability to juggle multiple projects with efficiency at one time.

Project management jobs in Canada in 2024

The NOC codes and jobs that can be applied for are

NOC Code  Unit Group  Job Title 
NOC 70010 Construction managers Construction project manager
Construction senior project manager
Construction special project manager
NOC 11100 Financial Auditors and Accountants Internal audit project manager
NOC 13100 Administrative Officers Non-technical project manager
Organization and productivity project manager
NOC 13101 Property Administrators Housing project manager
NOC 51120 Producers, directors, choreographers, and related professions  Video games project manager
NOC 52121 Interior designers and interior decorators Interior design project manager

Registered Nurse

The NOC code for the same is 31301. Canada’s healthcare system is in need of medical professionals, nurses being one of them, to look after the elderly and other hospital inmates. The per-hour pay is $40. 

Electrical Engineer

NOC codes that an electrical engineer might apply under to get Canada PR visa are – [h4]

  • Engineering managers – NOC 20010
  • Electrical and electronics engineers – NOC 21310 
  • Other professional engineers – NOC 21399
  • Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians – NOC 22310 
  • University professors and lecturers  – NOC 41200

How Indians can get a job in Canada from Canada Express Entry?

Express Entry streamlines the entire visa process but has 3 key features, making it stand out from the rest.

  1. Job Bank Registration:

You can create a similar profile with Job Bank while making your Express Entry account. It acts like LinkedIn, where both employers and job seekers can interact with each other on any idle position. This allows more access to job opportunities in Canada.

2. Employer Sponsorship:

If your profile is approved and you get the employment letter from your employer, your employer can sponsor you to come to Canada. Doing so also increases your points under the Express Entry. You can earn additional points between 50-200 as per your profile.

3. Provincial Nomination:

Some provinces in Canada do not have the required set of employees. To counter the same, provinces align their visa programs with Express Entry and nominate candidates for work. If you meet the requirement, you will be invited and allowed to work for 2 years in Canada.

Finding a Job in Canada for Indians is Difficult for the Following Reasons:

  • An unimpressive resume can go wrong for you.
  • Mailing resumes can prevent them from reaching your recruiter and lessen your chances.
  • You might have a narrow job search approach, leading to you missing out on opportunities. 

What are the high-paying Jobs in Canada for Indians?

Every profession has a different salary structure. Below, we have given a brief structure of some key professions.

Job Sectors Highest Salary/Per year
Surgeons, Doctors & Dentist  Above $200K/-
Real Estate Agent  Around $125K/-
Director of Information Security Around $110K/-
Chief Marketing Officier Above $100K/-
Software Engineer Manager Above $100K/-
Data Scientist Around $84K/-
Actuary Around $80K/-
Trader Around $68K

Want to know How to apply for jobs in Canada from India or How to get job in Canada. With Croyez Immigration, you can achieve your dream of working in Canada with ease. Reach out to us and we will be there to guide you at each and every step on How to go Canada for Job from India.

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