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 10,000+ Immigrant Cases

10,000+ Immigrant Cases

We have successfully represented well over 10,000 immigration cases

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Free Evaluation

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Immigration Experts

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Canada, beautifully veiled by its natural beauty, thriving provinces, extended coastline, unique culture and so on. It offers something for everyone; has never let anyone alone. It caresses every individual like a child and comforts them with its utmost love and care. Your journey to Canada becomes uncomplicated when you join your hands with Croyez Immigration, one of the stalwart of Canada Immigration Consultants in India. Croyez is also known to the world as one of the best and trusted Immigration & Visa consultancy who offer Canada Immigration service. We proffer you unerring opportunities available for your profile and process your application for resettlement along with your family in Canada.

Canada Immigration Process

The Canadian immigration process is a multi-faceted one, and it purely depends upon your intention, current status, and your relevant eligibility range you hold. Aspirants who wants moving to Canada from India and wish to apply for a Canada visa application online would get confused with multiple paths, and hence, it becomes essential for them to adopt the support of an experienced and the best immigration consultant in India to land safely in Canada. Croyez immigration is an ICCRC Registered Canada job consultancy in Chennai.

  • This multipath Canadian immigration process is open for skilled, semi-skilled, and agricultural workers who get top preference by the Canadian government.
  • When it comes to citizenship and immigration in Canada, Express Entry is found to be the most established approach which works on a point basis.
  • Apart from Express Entry, getting a work permit Visa is another way of moving to Canada, and the concerned person can extend it by applying for a PR visa.
  • Quebec is a completely autonomous region in Canada that has its own rules and regulations for accepting immigrants.
  • One can also migrate to Canada from India, as a student and gain their experience over there to get migrated easily, and this applies to those who wish to pursue their overseas career.

Step by Step Canada Immigration Process

In this first step, we carry out the evaluation process of our clients to know where do they get exactly fit in and the feasibility rate to get immigrated to Canada that makes Croyez immigration the best immigration consultant in Chennai.

  • Nationality of the Client
  • Age of the Client
  • Languages known
  • Educational Qualification
  • Family Background
  • Any friends or relatives residing in Canada?
  • Work experience
  • Net worth or current income
  • Do the client have offer letter from a Canadian company
  • Does the client manages any own business?

Post gathering the required information from the client we move to the respective immigration process that suits them well and carries forward their papers to immigrate them as quickly as possible. We then move your files to IRCC to check whether it is a complete fit to get immigrated. This evaluation from IRCC includes some health and security checks of yours, and it may get extended to a further interview by IRCC crew.

To compensate for the persisting gap between demand for opportunities and the available resources, the Canadian government invites immigrants with a more flexible immigration process than its counterparts like the USA. We provide the best Canada immigration for Indians that helps our clients to take a sound decision and to move on with their career in an esteemed way.

Latest Updates

Canada Immigration Program

When it comes to immigration, Canada stands in the top row by inviting Canada immigration application across the globe who wishes to upgrade their professional life in terms of education, career and business. This land of maple leaves holds the 8th position with the most number of people from foreign soil (7.6 million) according to Gilles Pison’s research. Moreover, the Canadian Government statistics depict that more than half of their working population would have been born overseas by 2031. Croyez Immigration, one of the leading Canada immigration agencies, guides you in choosing suitable immigration programs to Canada that matches your profile.

Canada Visa

An immigrant receives a temporary visa from the concerned visa office if he/she moves to the concerned nation for study, temporary work, or even to set up a business. The access of a temporary resident is limited as compared with the one who gets a permanent resident visa to Canada.

Canada Study Permit Visa

Study Permit Visa is an official document provided by the authorized Canadian visa officer to an international student to pursue their education in Canadian soil. A Canadian study permit visa gets expired within 90 days of your course completion. The study programme is complete once the student receives an official course completion notification from the concerned university/educational institute.

Visitor Visa

Getting a visitor or tourist visa to Canada is never a tedious process, and it requires proper follow-through of simple procedures to attain the desired visa in a quick and hassle-free way. Being a trustworthy Canada immigration Indian consultant, we offer the best visa processing services for our clients to visit the land of maple leaves.

Working Visa

Canada is the second biggest country in the world, with equally contradicting population numbers which are found to be a major setback when it comes to contributing towards economic growth.

Open Work Permit Visa

Temporary work permit or openwork permit visa initially requires the offer letter of a concerned company of a specific Canadian province who must clearly state that they are recruiting you for a temporary basis. This open work permit must undergo the clearance from the Human Resource and Skill Development board of Canadian government.

Canada Super Visa

Canadian Super Visa is a tailor-made visa document for elders (parents or grandparents) to visit their child who stays in Canada for work or studies purposes. Using a super visa, one can stay with their children in Canada without renewing the visa status. Croyez Immigration, one of the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai will assist you in moving to Canada from India and settle in with your family.

Investor Immigration Program in Canada

Being the second largest nation in the world, Canada always faces an imbalanced situation of low population rate to the existing natural resources to use, and on the other hand, it also lacks skilled labour which has been high in demand for a long time in various industries. To compensate for this issue, the current Canadian government has taken several productive steps on Canada official immigration in the past years, that have yielded them with positive results in expanding its population base and also feeding their industrial demands.

The Canadian government has opened several gateways to attract the right talent to fit into their industries, and one amongst them is the investor program that targets passionate entrepreneurs to invest and succeed in Canada. Croyez Immigration, one of the genuine immigration and visa consultants for Canada in Chennai, proffers you reliable and impregnable visa assistance to all our clients.

Being the most successful and renowned Canada immigration India consultants, we at Croyez help our clients to attain maximum benefits and high clarity on Canadian investment programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for immigration to Canada?

An immigrant should have a minimum degree of diploma or bachelor’s with at least one year of work experience in the skilled category (NOC 0, A, or B. Moreover, their age should be around 18 to 45. The immigrant should have secured CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark) either in English or in French. If an immigrant falls under this category, then he/she is eligible to immigrate to Canada.

How to choose the right immigration program to immigrate to Canada?

Canadian immigration enfolds many options that you can apply to. While there are many options to immigrate to Canada, one thing you to remember is that all the programs result in Canadian Permanent Residency. Furthermore, all the immigration programs differ from profile to profile. Through your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and National Occupational Code (0, A, or B), you can choose the right programs to immigrate to Canada.

I am a graduate. Is it sufficient qualification to apply for a Canada PR visa?

Yes, graduates are eligible to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence visa. An immigrant should either have a diploma or a bachelor’s degree to eligible for a Canada PR visa. However, the eligibility of your profile varies based on your National Occupational Code (0, A or B) and your CRS score.

Can investors save on tax by immigrating to Canada?

Canada is also known as a hub for global trade. Yes, the investors can save on tax because Canada has the lowest tax rate compared to the others. When investors decide to start a business, there will be environmental development, economical development, and so on. Once the economy starts to bloom in a particular place, slowly the place will develop economically so that the investors can pay less tax.

What is a better Provincial Nominee Program or Express Entry?

Provincial Nominee Program is not separate from Express Entry. PNP is the part and parcel of Express Entry. If your CRS score is less to boost up the points of your profile, you have to choose any Provincial Nominee Program that matches your profile. There are only minor differences between them; in Express Entry, the immigrant will not have any Provincial limitations as like in PNP.

Talk to our Experts

Croyez Immigration is providing efficacious immigration services to fulfill the dreams of aspiring clients who wish to immigrate to a new country, we sincerely work to give you the best life you deserve. We are experts in processing almost all the categories of Canadian Immigration programs like Express Entry, General Skilled Migration, and other temporary visas. Canada, being the land of opportunities always heads up to welcome the potential immigrants and so we help you explore all the possibilities to change your life, Contact the expert consultants of Croyez Immigration for prompt assistance.

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