Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan province is known as “Prairie Provinces” including Manitoba and Alberta because they hold an enormous amount of wheat resources and found to be the leading producer of petroleum, potash, and natural gas. Being the sunniest province of Canada, Saskatchewan registers 2000 to 2500 hours of sunshine annually. This province also borders the United States of America towards the South. Saskatchewan is surrounded by the borders of its neighbouring provinces, and it is easy to commute to different provinces from Saskatchewan, one of the beautiful provinces in Canada to settle in.

Manitoba lies in the east, Alberta lies in the west, Northwest Territories in the north, and Montana and North Dakota lies in the South. Saskatchewan is the fifth largest (651,900 sq. km) and the sixth highly populated (1.1 million) province of Canada. Saskatchewan holds the record of having a coast of zero saltwater and surrounded by artificial boundaries in entire Canada. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan with a population of 2,40,000 and Saskatchewan holds 3,00,000 people in it.

What is Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

Saskatchewan is one of the three prairie provinces of Canada. The process of the application to the SINP is bot faster than the other Canadian Immigration programs. Saskatchewan proffers affordable housing, diverse community life, high employment rate, within the province there many appealing factors for immigrants and their families. The immigrants who intend to reside in Saskatchewan and who want to enjoy its benefits and nature can apply for Saskatchewan Immigration through PNP.

Why Saskatchewan?

  • This province has enclosed high standards of living in affordable means to the immigrants. It has the lowest housing cost in entire Canada because of the natural resources present in the place.
  • The province has around 9 technical colleges and 50 vocational schools. It also has apprenticeship programs for people who want skilled trade.
  • Like in the whole of Canada, PNP Saskatchewan also offers free health services for the citizens and permanent residents.
  • One of the fastest-growing provinces in Canada.
  • It also has attractive job opportunities for many foreign workers.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

  • The respective applicant must score a minimum of 60 marks in the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) conducted to assess their eligibility.
  • The concerned applicant must have at least one year of relevant work experience to the post they have applied.
  • The applicant should have scored minimum marks of 4 out of 10 in the language proficiency test conducted by CLB
  • The immigrant must submit the licensure proof the assessors if their profession belongs to regulated occupation or any form of trade.
  • The immigrant must submit the offer letter provided by the provincial employer stating they have required for a permanent position and the occupation must fall under the category of National Occupation Classification (NOC) in the class- 0, A or B.(If Applicable)

Step by Step process of Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Evaluation


The candidate needs to gather all the required documents that need to be submitted as proof and fill out the forms provided by the concerned provincial governing body.


Cross-verify and submit all the essential documents via online to the evaluation board to get you invited.


Once you have received the invite from the immigration board, you can now apply for the SINP process from your previously created EOI (Express of Interest) profile by selecting a particular job and district using their codes.


Mention the employer and job details and apply to the concerned board that will be offering the work permit visa.


Now you need to pay the required amount for the visa processing and simultaneously can apply for a PR visa as well.

High-Demanded Jobs in Saskatchewan for 2023

  • Social and Community Service Managers (NOC 0423)
  • Events and Conference Planners (NOC 1226)
  • Accounting Technicians (NOC 1311)
  • Land Surveyors (NOC 2154)
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (NOC 2174)
  • Architectural Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2251)
  • Technical job in Geomatics and Meterology (NOC 2255)
  • Medical laboratory Technologists (NOC 3211)
  • Medical Radiation Technologists (NOC 3215)
  • Medical Sonographers (NOC 3216)
  • Paramedics (NOC 3234)
  • Psychologists (NOC 4151)
  • Social and Community Service Workers (NOC 4212)
  • Early Childhood Educators (NOC 4214)
  • Instructors for persons with Disabilities (NOC 4215)
  • Program Leaders for Sports and Fitness and Recreational Program (NOC 5254)
  • Meat Cutters (NOC 6331)
  • Bakers (NOC 6332)
  • Tailors, Dress makers and Millners (NOC 6342)
  • Glaziers (NOC 7292)
  • Heavy-duty equipment Mechanics or Technicians (NOC 7312)
  • Automotive service technicians, Bus and Truck mechanics, Mechanical Repairers (NOC 7321)
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repairers (NOC 7322)
  • Appliance Servicers and Repairers (NOC 7332)

Factors influencing Saskatchewan Entry Calculation

  • Educational Qualification- 23 points
  • Skilled work Experience- 15 points
  • Language Ability- 20 points
  • Age- 12 points
  • Connect to labour market- 30 points
  • Must secure- 60 points

Work Experience

No of Years Total points
5 10
4 8
3 6
2 4
1 2

Total points

Education Total points
Doctorate or Masters 23
Bachelors degree (3 years) 20
Trade Certification 20
Degree or diploma (2 years) 15
Degree or diploma (1 year) 12

Categories in Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The following are the categories of the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
    • Existing Work Permit Sub-Category
    • Health Profession Sub-Category
    • Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub-Category
    • Long-Haul Truck Driver Sub – Category
    • Student Sub-Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category
    • Farmers
    • Entrepreneurs

1. International Skilled worker

The immigrants who wish to settle in Saskatchewan with a job offer or without a job offer can apply for this category. To qualify for this stream the immigrants should meet certain requirements:

Requirements of Saskatchewan PNP:

  • They should score at least 60 points out of 100.
  • They should score minimum of 4 in Canadian Language Benchmark assessment.
  • They should have one year of experience in the field they have chosen.
  • They should have a full-time permanent job offer from a Canadian employer.

2. Saskatchewan Work Experience Category

This category is specially for immigrants who already living and working in Saskatchewan and want to become permanent residents of Canada. This category has some types:

  • Existing work permit sub-category

If the immigrant is a skilled worker, who is already working in Saskatchewan for 6 months either under a closed work permit or International Experience Canada program. If the immigrant falls under these requirements, they can apply for Canadian permanent residency under this category.

  • Health Profession sub-category

If an internationally trained health care professional, who is working in Saskatchewan for more than 6 months under a temporary work permit.  They can apply for permanent residence in Canada through this stream. This stream has three categories:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses

And other health care professionals.

  • Hospitality sector pilot project sub-category

If the foreign nationals work as food/beverage servers, food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, housekeeping, cleaning staff; they are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence through this stream.

  • Long-haul truck driver sub-category

If a foreign national is working for a trucking firm in Saskatchewan then he can apply for his permanent residency through this category.

  • Student Sub Category

International students who have graduated from any of the Saskatchewan institutions or Canadian institutions may apply for this program. The student sub-category is divided into two:  

  • Students who have graduated from Saskatchewan institution
  • Students who have graduated from a Canadian institution

A) Students who have graduated from Saskatchewan institution

If the international students who have graduated from Saskatchewan institution meet any of these requirements then they are eligible for applying for permanent residency through this category:

  • If they have graduated with a certificate, diploma, or a degree from a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Saskatchewan, then are eligible to apply. Moreover, the duration of their course must be a minimum of 1 academic with at least 8 months of study.
  • If they have graduated from a recognised post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan and have paid work experience for 6 months.
  • If they have applied for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to get the Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  • If they have a permanent full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.
  • If they have a job offer that falls into National Occupational Category (NOC) 0, A, or B.

Students who have graduated from a Canadian institution

If the international students who have graduated from a Canadian institution meet any of these requirements then they are eligible to apply for permanent residency through this category:

  • If they have graduated with a certificate, diploma, or degree from a recognised post-secondary educations institution in Canada, outside Saskatchewan. The duration of their program should be a minimum of 2 academic years with 16 months of study.
  • If they have worked at least 24 consecutive months for a paid employment in Saskatchewan.
  • If they have applied to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  • If they have a permanent, full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.
  • Their job profile should fall under NOC 0, A, or B category.
  • They should have a valid SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program) job approval letter.

3. Entrepreneur Category

This category is mainly for individuals who wish to establish their own business in Saskatchewan. To apply for this category, they should submit their Expression of Interest (EOI). If they are selected, they will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The final step is provincial nomination.

  • If the immigrant meets the following requirement, they are eligible:
  • They should have a net worth minimum of $500,000 CAD.
  • They should have proven that their net worth is through legal means.
  • They should have a minimum of three years of experience in handling entrepreneurial/relevant business management experience.
  • Farmer Sub-Category

If an immigrant wishes to run or buy a farm in Saskatchewan, they can apply through this category. The individual should be under 40 years, they can apply through the young farmer stream.

Requirements for this category

  • They should have a minimum net worth of 300,000 (CAD), which is accumulated through legal means.
  • Generally, the eligibility for this stream is based on the available equity, farming knowledge and experience, and practical proposal for a commercial farming opportunity.

Processing Time

It would take around 3-6 months for the government to issues the nomination to the immigrants. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada would take around 6 months for Permanent residence application. It would take around 4-5 for applications under Occupation in Demand Category. For Saskatchewan Express Entry it would take around three to four months.

PNP Saskatchewan proffers an easier and expedited means for Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program?

This provincial nominee program mainly targets the potential immigrants who possess skills and experience that are in demand in the Saskatchewan labour market. The application process is much faster than the other Canadian Immigration programs. It falls under four categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Work Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur Category
  • Farm Owner Category

2. Who can apply for the Saskatchewan Work Experience Category?

Foreign nationals who are currently working in Saskatchewan on a valid work permit may apply for this category. Through this, they can apply for permanent residence through Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

3. How do international postgraduate students qualify for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

  • To be qualified for the SINP the international students must meet the following criteria:
  • They should have completed a minimum of one year of academic education from a recognised institution in Canada.
  • They should have a valid post-graduate work permit issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • They should hold a paid work experience for at least 6 consecutive months.
  • They should have a permanent, full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer. The job offer should be from NOC 0. A or B.

4. What jobs qualify the foreign national for SINP?

The skilled job positions that qualify the foreign national for SINP under National Occupational Code (NOC):

  • Level 0: Management positions
  • Level A: Professional Positions and
  • Level B: Technical Jobs.

Furthermore, SINP also has special programs for long-haul truck drivers and skilled workers in the hospitality industry.

5. What is the SINP International Skilled Worker Experience (EOI)?

Expression of Interest is more like a pre-application filled by the Skilled International Worker to indicate their interest in applying to SINP.

6. Can an individual take a multiple Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles for SINP?

No, an individual is allowed to submit only one Expression of Interest profile for the SINP.

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