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Canada Work Visa – Work in Canada

Work Visa Canada – Apply for a Canada visa for work & get a complete Canada visa to work application support. Get quick approval & find out if you are eligible for a job visa.

How to Apply for a Work Visa & Work permit for Canada

Is working in a foreign land a long-desired dream for you? Canada is the destination for job seekers to work abroad. Canada proffers the highest quality of life, and trillions of natural resources are home to petroleum reserves and varied flora and fauna. They possess one of the world’s leading economies. Canada is open to all nationalities and offers its residents the utmost care and love.

Firstly, the Work Visa Canada for Indians or any country citizens allows an individual who may be a class of skilled workers or business people, temporary workers, or a student to work in Canada. The work permit is the legal right to work in Canada for a calculated period depending on the job requirement. If an immigrant wants to apply for a Canadian work permit, the applicant should have a job offer or employment from a Canadian employer (other than an open work permit). We at Croyez, with our end-to-end immigration services, will assist you in getting a Canadian job visa for your work permit application Canada, a Canada Immigration Work permit or a work visa Canada for Indians.

Eligibility For Canadian Work Permit Visa

  • A valid job offer from an LMIA-approved employer
  • Proof of Funds for your needs and Other expenses

You can apply for a Canada Work visa even if you do not have a valid job offer. If your spouse is doing their study or has a job here in Canada, then you are eligible for a Spousal Open Work Permit. You can enter Canada even without a job offer and get a job post arrival in Canada with valid LMIA-approved or Non-LMIA approved companies.

Different Types of Canadian Work Permits

There are two basic categories of work permit in Canada:

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer Specific Work permit or Closed Work permit

1. Open Work Permit

This work permit allows the immigrant to work for any employer, even if they don’t comply with any Canada work permit requirements.

Who Can Apply for an Open Work Permit?

Work permit Canada allows an individual to apply for this type of permit if they fall under any one of the categories:

  1. If you are an international student who has graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) and found eligible for the PGWP a Canada work permit for students (Post Graduation Work Permit)
  2. An individual who has applied for Permanent Residence Canada
  3. A temporary resident permit holder (TRV)
  4. The spouse or common-law partner of an international student or skilled worker they can avail for a Spousal Open Work Permit Visa (SOWP)

These Canada Work Permits are flexible with a reasonable processing time of 38 weeks.

2. Employer Specific Work Permit or Closed Work Permit

As the name suggests, an employer-specific Canada job work permit allows the employee to work only for that specific employer. This work permit visa for Canada process does comply with the company’s rules and regulations. So to avail a closed work permit for Canada it is obvious that a job offer from a Canadian Employer who has LMIA approval is a must.


Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document issued by the ESDC (Employment Social Development Canada) assessing the impact of hiring a foreign worker. The Employment and Social Development of Canada (ESDC) issues a document for the employer to hire a foreign national. This approval will be sanctioned by LMIA only to provide a work permit for Canada.
To obtain this LMIA, the Canadian employer must demonstrate that they could not fill in the job vacancy, so they wish to recruit a foreign national. They should post in the media about the job vacancy for 90 days. If the position is not filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, then they can recruit a foreign national for the job vacancy.

Categories of LMIA

Certain streams require an LMIA work permit:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
  • LMIA Work Permit
  • Facilitated LMIA
  • Global Talent Stream

TFWP – Temporary Foreign Worker Program

TFWP allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals with a Canada visa to work temporarily in Canada. This is to fill in the shortages in Canada’s labour force. This Canada work permit collaborates with IRCC (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada) and ESDC (Employment Social Development Canada). Canadian employers can recruit foreign nationals through the following streams:

  • High wage workers
  • Low wage workers
  • Global Talent Stream
  • Foreign Agricultural workers
  • In-home caregivers
  • Foreign academics

Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream is a two-year Pilot program. It is launched in partnership with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC). This stream helps Canadian employers to hire highly skilled foreign nationals and is the fastest immigration pathway for immigrants willing to enter Canada through a work visa.

High Wage Workers

Canadian employers can hire a foreign national, who will be paid above the median hourly wage of their province or territory. If so, then the employer must recruit them through this stream of TFWP. The first step of this process is to apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Low-Wage Workers

Canadian employers can hire a foreign national, who will be paid less than the median hourly wage of their province or territory. If so, the employer should recruit them through this stream of TFWP. The prime step of this process is to apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Foreign Agricultural Workers

Employers who wish to hire temporary foreign workers for some specific positions related to agriculture should apply through this stream to hire a foreign national.

In-home caregivers

This stream is especially for families who wish to hire foreign nationals to care for children, seniors, or individuals with medical needs who may be able to do so through this in-home caregiver program under TFWP. Through this, the family members can hire temporary foreign workers through Canada work permits. They can recruit them either as caregivers for children or as caregivers for persons with high medical needs. This type of visa is also known as Work Visa sponsorship Canada.

Foreign Academics

Foreign Academics is a post-secondary institution that can increase Canada’s quality of education as well as enable Canadian institutions to be globally competitive in terms of academic research. This stream is facilitated in collaboration with IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada).

LMIA Exemption

Through LMIA exemption, the Canadian employer gets an opportunity to waive off the LMIA certificate to hire foreign nationals to work for his company. Yet, there are some exemptions for him to recruit foreign nationals. LMIA exemption has various categories in it:

ICT – Intra-Company Transfer

If an immigrant is working in a company that has a parent company, or branch or affiliate in Canada, the immigrant can apply for a Canada work permit visa through Intra Company Transfer. Through this, the employer can bring foreign nationals to Canada. Intra Company Transfers are exempt from LMIA requirements. The process of the application is quite simple, easier and cost-effective.

AIPP – Atlantic International Pilot Program

It is the fastest immigration program that allows employers in four provinces:

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island

This program is to welcome foreign nationals to the Atlantic region of Canada to fill in the local needs and employers and communities. This program also supports population growth developing a skilled workforce. It also increases the employment rates in the region. This program focuses mainly on

  • Skilled workforce and immigration
  • Economic growth
  • Trade and investment
  • Infrastructure

Immigrants who arrive in Canada through this program must have a job offer and Canada visa for work permit from a designated employer and an individualised settlement plan for themselves and their families.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

RNIP is a community-driven program. The program came into existence to spread the benefits of economic immigration to the smaller communities by creating a path for permanent residency to skilled foreign nationals who wish to settle, work or live in Canada. This program is designed to attract skilled foreign nationals to the smaller communities by offering worker visa Canada that can fill in the labour shortages in that particular province.

Yukon Community Pilot Program

Yukon Community Pilot Program is a new stream of the Yukon Nominee Program. This pilot program is launched by Canada’s Northern Territory of the Yukon. The goal is to attract and retain the immigrants in the Yukon communities by testing innovative approaches to permanent immigration. This pilot program came into existence to address the labour market needs of Yukon. This is aimed to fill in the gaps in Yukon job markets and also recruit top-tier talented foreign nationals to this northern territory. Through this program, the immigrants can work in multiple employers in a specified community.

Self-Employed Visa Canada

There is also a specialised program meant for the self employed category of individuals that allows them to immigrate to Canada Permanently, the program Self Employed Visa Canada demands the following eligibility:
One should possess relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics and should be at capacity to contribute possible and significant service to the cultural and athletic life of the country.

Student Work Permit Canada

Canada work permit for students includes the following categories; an international student will be given the right to work on or off campus based on the conditions specified in the permit they avail.

PGWP – Post Graduate Work Permit

If an international student has completed their studies in Canada, they can work there for a certain period of time depending on their educational program. The duration of the student work permit Canada depends on the timescale of the study program.

  • If the student has chosen an educational program for less than 8 months, they are not eligible for PGWP.
  • If their educational program duration is more than 8 months but less than 2 years, then their PGWP is valid as the same length as their study program. [eg: if they have taken a 1 year educational program, then they will have to 1 year PGWP]
  • If their educational program is more than 2 years; then, their PGWP is valid for 3 years.

BOWP – Bridging Open Work Permit

A bridging open work permit is also known as a bridging visa for immigrants. Through this, the immigrant can keep on working in Canada, while their application is still in process. This helps the immigrants to explore the labour market. Furthermore, this Canada work permit visa is also valid for a period of six months or for a longer period.

Want more information, Contact Croyez Immigration Consultancies for clear-cut clarity details regarding the Canada Work visa or Work permit process.

Temporary Resident Visa and Open Work Permit

If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to Canada. They can not only live but also work in Canada with a spousal open work permit visa.

Knowing the above, Canadian Job Visa, looks really simple to apply but a small mistake or misunderstanding of a rule may make room for rejection of your Canada job visa, so it is wise to submit your Canada Work Permit application with trusted Consultants who will perfectly assist you to fulfil all your Canada work permit requirements and avail you the Canada work permit Visa on time, but beware of some fraudulent Canada work permit agency as they might try to loot your valuable time and money. If you are looking forward to applying for a Canada work permit from India, then possibly you should not miss contacting the best Canada Work permit Consultants in the city.

Necessary Documents to Apply for The Work Permit for Canada

  1. “A Valid Passport
  2. Digital Photograph (as per the Canadian Format)
  3. Employment / Study Permit (Visa Approval Permit)
  4. Proof of Address
  5. Proof of Funds”

Biometrics for work visas in Canada

You can submit your biometrics to the VFS office and they will be valid for the next ten years. You can use the same biometrics for any type of visa you plan to apply for in Canada.

Police clearances for work permits in Canada

In most cases, a police clearance certificate submission is a must along with your Canada work visa. It usually takes about 8 weeks to process the Police clearance certificate.

Medical examination for a work permit in Canada

A medical examination certificate is mandatory for every individual who opts to immigrate or travel to Canada. The following are some of the tests for a Medical Examination

  • Weight & Height
  • Hearing & Vision
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Limbs movement

How long will it take to process a Canada work visa application?

It depends upon the visa application you are applying for your work visa permit in Canada. It may take about 8 weeks.

How long will it take to process an LMIA application?

It depends upon the visa application you apply to Canada. On approx of 3-4 months is required for the complete process. The issued LMIA is usually valid for 18 months. If the employer has specific timelines for short employment in that case it might be valid for a lesser time frame. Along with the work permit the LMIA processing time would be 5-8 months.

What is the success rate for work permit/LMIA applications?

The success rate for LMIA applications in Canada is around 65 – 75%.

What are the reasons for rejecting a work visa application?

  • Incomplete or No proper documentation
  • Mismatch details
  • Passport status
  • Criminal & addiction records

How can I make my work permit active?

If you are in Canada when you receive your POE letter of introduction then you need to exit the country and re-enter at the point of entry to activate your Canada Work Permit Visa.

How Croyez Immigration can Help You?

Croyez Immigration is one of the most viable and experienced visa consultants in Chennai and one of the best Canada work permit immigration consultants. Croyez Immigration is one of the best to avail Canada job visas. Our team of experts has worked on thousands of visa applications and has in-depth knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process.

Know What Does the Best Canada Work Permit Consultants – Croyez Do for You?

  • Croyez assists you in visa interview preparation.
  • Updates and follow-ups about the visa process.
  • We will also proffer you job assistance.
  • Proffers you documentation related to Canada work permit.
  • We will acknowledge you about Canada work permit requirements.
  • We will also ensure that your Canada work visa application meets the requirements,

Please Contact Croyez Immigration Consultants for all your queries related to the Work visa to Canada application.

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Is it mandatory to have a job offer while applying for a work visa Canada?

Yes, a valid job or employment offer from a Canadian employer stands obligatory while applying for a work visa to Canada.

What are the language requirements for a work permit?

The test results of IELTS or CELPIP show the proof of language ability that is recognized by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Can one bring family members when entering on a work permit?

Yes, if you have a valid job offer with a legitimate employer to sponsor your family members, you can bring them in while you are entering with a work permit.

Is there an age limit for Canadian work permits?

There is no age limit for work visa application yet if you are under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program there are certain conditions.

What is the duration of a work permit?

The duration of the work permit is usually between 1-2 years depending on the contract of employment, which can later be extended to a maximum of 4 years.

How can my work permit be extended?

You can apply for an extension of your work permit in IRCC a minimum of 30 days before your current work permit expiry date.

Can anyone be issued an open work permit?

No, an open work permit will only allow the spouse or a common-law partner of an individual who is already residing in Canada to migrate for study, work, or holding a permanent residence status, or being a Citizen of Canada.

What am I permitted to do with a work permit for Canada?

With a valid Work permit in hand, you work in Canada till the date of expiry of your Canada work permit. You rent or buy a home for staying. You will not be able to vote or participate in any political activities.

How much does a Canadian work visa cost?

An ordinary work permit fee is 155 CAD, and an Open work permit visa fee is 100 CAD for a Work visa to Canada.

How can I check the status of my work permit application?

If you applied online for a work permit Canada from India or any part of the world, you can sign in to your account and check your work permit for Canada process status.

Can I work in Canada without a work permit?

A foreign national or overseas employee works in Canada without a work permit under paragraph 186 (a) and 186(x) of IRPR. Under the Global skills strategy public policy you can work without a work permit in Canada for short-term work or 120-day research.

Can someone with a work permit enrol in Canadian health insurance?

Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residence and some International students and workers are eligible to apply for Health Insurance based on their territory or Province.

What distinguishes a Canadian work visa from a work permit?

Your work visa or any visa is an entry pass to enter Canada, whereas your work permit is the legal document that provides the right to work in Canada.

Do I need IELTS to apply for a work permit in Canada?

Yes, an IELTS evaluation score is mandatory for the acceptance of your Canada work permit application. You need a minimum of 6 in every test and a total of 6.5 overall.

Can my employer sponsor me to work in Canada?

Work visa sponsorship Canada can be done by the employer based on the company rules and regulations under certain circumstances only.

How do I apply for a work permit in Canada?

You can apply for a work permit in Canada directly through the IRCC portal or take the help of the experts from Croyez Immigration Consultancy, your Canada work permit agent for your Canadian employment visa.

Talk to our Experts

Croyez Immigration is providing efficacious immigration services to fulfill the dreams of aspiring clients who wish to immigrate to a new country, we sincerely work to give you the best life you deserve. We are experts in processing almost all the categories of Canadian Immigration programs like Express Entry, General Skilled Migration, and other temporary visas. Canada, being the land of opportunities always heads up to welcome the potential immigrants and so we help you explore all the possibilities to change your life, Contact the expert consultants of Croyez Immigration for prompt assistance.

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