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Study in the United Kingdom

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. Begin your UK Education Journey with Croyez!

Know about UK

United Kingdom has the second largest cluster of educational institutions in the world with a long tradition of quality education attracting 6, 00,000 international students every year to a variety of programs and appealing degrees from top universities. Their education standards, revolutionary teaching styles modern facilities will provide you a solid foundation to boost your potential for having higher salary and a better lifestyle of your choice. UK is emerging as a preferred overseas education destination for most of the students from different parts of the world.

UK Comprises of Four Nations

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. Scotland
  4. Northern Ireland

Popular Cities Known for Their Academic Excellence

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • New Castle
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast

Why UK – Supreme Benefits of Studying in UK

Globally recognized World class Universities

UK is the home to some of the world’s best universities, earning a degree from these universities adds a huge respect to your profile and rewarded globally by employers and government bodies.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Manchester

Opportunities – Earn While You Study

Universities allow you to work while studying, so students can schedule their part time jobs accordingly during their study period itself and start earning even before their course completion.

Highest Paying degrees

Universities promises a lucrative career to the students by offering diversified highly paid and demanded courses which are quite popular and stand distinguished in the job market.

Post Study-Work Opportunities

You can have access to endless post study work opportunities gathering the right experience for your career after the successful completion of your study program.

The multi-cultural environment

As an International student you will be exposed to various situations and people from around different parts of the World that would build confidence, self esteem and boost your power to distinguish between right and wrong in all the aspects of life and career.

The best turning elements UK Universities and colleges do not refuse the admission of a candidate based on their IELTS scores or the backlogs in their previous studies.

Exemption of IELTS Test

There are certain UK universities/Colleges that waive off the IELTS test scores if a candidate has scored above 70% in their high school education provided the medium of instruction is English.

Back log exemption

All most all the universities in UK do not consider the applicants’ backlogs in the graduation. They focus on the skills and talents of the applicant more than the scores which are mere numbers. This is a great highlighting factor for the students who wish to take up an abroad education.

Intakes in UK Universities

UK study admissions will be open in the following seasons of the year

September Intake – All the top Universities and Colleges of UK will open admissions during this period. A majority of students will be invited to apply for varies courses during this intake.

January Intake – Compared to the September intake, the admissions would be on a moderate scale during this period.

May Intake- Only a few colleges and universities will pick up candidates during the May intake. This intake would be probably to fill in few admissions for the year for specific courses and programs.

Who can apply for a UK study Visa?

All aspirants of age 16 years and above are eligible to apply for a UK study Visa.

For children between the ages 4 -16, you should look up to apply for a Child Student Visa.

How to Avail a UK Student Visa?

Requirements for a UK student visa

Before knowing the requirements, an aspirant should be aware of when your course is getting started, which will be mentioned in the letter of acceptance or the unconditional offer from your course provider (Designated Learning Institution), on knowing that you can apply for the UK student Visa up to 3 months in advance. It is generally advisable to apply for the student Visa as soon as you receive the acceptance letter to rightly align with the country’s Visa processing times.

The study Visa-UK generally demands for the following;

Passport: Details of your valid passport

Proof of Identity – An applicant has to submit his/ her recent photograph as proof of identity.

An unconditional offer– This offer will be issued from the licensed course provider, along with the CAS-(Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

Proof of language ability –English Language Proficiency check– A Candidate should take up a language test in English which stands mandatory for all the aspirants who wish to migrate to the English-speaking country -UK. This is to prove your reading, writing, speaking, listening, and understanding skills. In most UK universities, IELTS would be considered as proof showing your command over the language.

Proof of Financial Stability: One has to show his financial wellness that would be required to meet the living expenses throughout the duration of study in the UK. The supporting element for such proof may be in the form of Bank statements, fixed deposit balance, a letter from your sponsor who is ready to take care of all your financial needs.

Supporting Documentation

  • All other documents relating to your academic qualifications, work experience, medical vaccination certificates depending on your country’s origin and the results of tuberculosis test, digital scans which may required for interview or biometric test.
  • Most importantly if you are between 16 and 17 years of age and availing for a tier -4 General student Visa, then you have to submit a written consent from your parents/guardian that you are allowed and capable  to travel and live independently.

Types of UK Study Visa’s

The two major types of UK student Visa’s are as follows;

  • Short–Term Study Visa
  • Tier-4 General Student Visa

Types of UK student Visa’s -An overview

Short-Term Study Visa

Validity of the Visa- 6-11months 

 Who Can Apply?

This Visa is specially meant for people who would like to study an English language course in the United Kingdom; you can apply to the one if you have:

  • An acceptance for the said course from a recognized institution in UK.
  • Sufficient funds to meet your food, living, accommodation and other expenses during the duration of your studies. You should also be able to bare your ticket fares to return to your home country.

Tier-4 General UK Student Visa

Validity of the Visa – 12 months or more depending on the course length

Who Can Apply?

All the international students who are 16 years and above and are outside the EU (European Union) can apply for the Tier-4 General UK student Visa, the eligibility requirements stands with the following;

  • Offer letter- an unconditional offer from a licensed education or course provider.
  • Proof of language abilities(read, write, speak and understand the English language)
  • Proof of funds to pay all your tuition fees for the course taken plus manage all other expenses.
  • Other supporting documentation such as medical test result reports and vaccination records.

Stay Back Period After Graduation in UK

UK government allows an international student to stay back for a period up to 2 years after their graduation with a new graduate visa, one can apply for a new graduate Visa to live and work in UK for the next two years.

For undergraduates and post graduates -the stay back period allowed is 2 years.

For PhD students –the stay back period is 3 years

HNC and HND qualifications

HNC –`Higher National Certificates’ and HND -`Higher National Diplomas’

UK universities grant the highly beneficial HNC certificate for candidates who had to discontinue their studies for valid reasons after the first year, and HND certificate for candidates moving out after completing their two years of study.

HNC‘s and HND’s are highly considerable among the employers with ample job prospects.

Mark Expectancy – University

  • Top Ranked Universities- Expect a minimum of 70%-85% in their previous studies.
  • Mid level Universities- Expect a minimum of 60%-70% in their previous studies.
  • Unpopular /newly established Universities- Expect a minimum of 55%-60%% in their previous studies.

Know How Croyez Immigration Can Help You to Obtain Your UK Study Visa?

Croyez is a special hub where one can completely trust and rely on to avail their Visa’s on time. The students and aspirants  who has the biggest dream of taking up their studies in the most prominent countries like US, UK, Canada, etc, may fretted with lots of complicated procedures  involved in obtaining their student Visa’s. Croyez cuts out all those difficulties and makes the extensive process simple and quick in a way where students would feel the ease of moving to another country seeking the quality education.

There are 2 process involved in obtaining the UK student Visa,

To start with,

Process 1 You can send us the profile along with your detailed resume to our Student Coordinators (Croyez), after which they will send you the Course list of Universities.

Process 2- After the initial guidance you need to pay your processing fees to progress with further stages.

Stage 1- IELTS Exam– we will schedule the IELTS exam by providing you all the study materials including coaching, online toolkit and books. You have to take up the exam on the scheduled date to score a minimum of 5.5 in each band to be eligible to take up a study in UK. Top ranked universities demand for a minimum of 6 or 6.5 to become an eligible applicant.

Stage 2- Selection and application of University/ college- You will be assisted to choose the right program matching your profile and apply for the colleges / Universities in UK

Stage 3- Letter of approval or CAS -(Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) and Payment of tuition fee – Receiving this letter of approval stands as a confirmation from the University to acknowledge your admission for the program followed by paying your one year tuition fee.

Stage 4- Opening an exclusive student bank account to deposit your funds to deal with your living expenses in UK.

Stage 5- Obtaining the required medical clearance reports required for a UK student Visa specifically the tuberculosis test.

Croyez has the best tie-ups with almost all the Universities and colleges of the United Kingdom (UK), you name a University, and we assure you of your admission!

Check Out the Universities Right Below

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1 De Montfort University
2 Universitv of Law
3 University for the Creative Arts
4 University of Chester
5 Middle Sex University
6 University of West London
7 Hult International
8 Oxford Brooks University
9 University of Greenwich
10 University of West England
11 Wrexham Glvndwr University
12 Arts University Bournemouth
13 Canterbury Christ Church University
14 Bishop Grosstete University
15 BathSpa University
16 Falmouth University
17 Angila Ruskin University
18 Universitv of Gloucestershire
19 Tesside University(ISC)
20 Kingston (ISC)
21 University of Suffolk
22 London Metropolitan University – Pathway
23 Amity University
24 Universitv of Leicester
25 Universitv of Bradford
26 Universitv of Lincoln
27 Universitv of Huddersfield
28 Bellerbys College
29 Cardiff University
30 Coventrv University London
31 Durham University
32 Lancaster University
33 Leeds International Study Centre
34 Liverpool John Moores University
35 Royal Holloway, University of London
36 University of Aberdeen
37 University of Huddersfield-London
38 University of Sheffield
39 University of Strathclyde
40 University of Surrey
41 University of Sussex
42 Leeds Beckett University
43 University of Essex
44 University of East Anglia
45 University of Hull
46 University of Plymouth University
47 Brunel University
48 Aston University – Kaplan Pathways
49 Bournemouth University Inte rnationa l
50 City, University of London – Kaplan Pathwavs
51 Cranfield University – Kaplan Pathwavs
52 Nottingham Trent International College
53 University of Birrningham – Kaplan Pathways
54 University of Brighton International College
55 University of Bristol International Foundation Programme
56 Glasgow International College
57 University of Liverpool lnternational College
58 University of Nottingham
59 University of Westminster – Kaplan
60 University of York International College
61 UWE Bristol’s International College
62 MPW Birmingham
63 MPW Cambridge
64 MPWLondon
65 Kaplan International College
66 Universitv of Portsmouth
67 Universitv of Bristol
68 Universitv of Liveroool
69 Universitv of Wolverhamoton
70 St Marys Twickenham London
71 Aston University
72 University of York
73 University of Exeter
74 Birmingham City University International College
75 Cambridge Ruskin International College
76 Hertfordshire International College
77 International Colleee Portsmouth
78 International College at Robert Gordon University
79 Lancaster University Leipzig
80 London Brunel International College
81 Leicester Global Study Centre
82 The College Swansea University
83 University of Northampton International College
84 University of Plymouth International College
85 University of London
86 Queens Mary University of London
87 Bangor University
88 City, University of London
89 INTO London World Education Centre
90 INTO Manchester Metropolitan University
91 University of Manchester
92 Queen’s University Belfast

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