Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec is a busy and the land of opportunities in Canada for a potential immigrant who looks out for the scope of growth in their career. Quebec is well-known as “la belle province” (i.e. beautiful province) in the colloquial language and also termed as “the Europe of North America” as it holds a diversified population of 8.2 million people.

Quebec is known for its enriched natural resources like forest, rolling hills and water bodies which make the province an abundant place of natural resources. Quebec provides the best water resource to its residing people from 1 lakh+ lakes, and it holds the second-largest city as the capital with a population of 8lakh people. French is the official language of this province, and Quebec is the only province in Canada holding French as the official language, and Quebec city is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

  • The applicant must be 18 years and above while launching for the immigration process.
  • Proficiency in English or French is mandatory to enter into Quebec, and the minimum points get varied according to the language you select.
  • Having a job offer from an employer of Quebec will be an added perk for the applicant.
  • The applicant must have relevant and enough work experience to apply for Quebec province and must submit valid documents for verification.
  • Maintaining a relevant educational qualification stream is essential to score maximum points during the assessment.
  • The respective Candidate must hold the necessary funds to get settled and feed their basic requirement in Quebec.

To know about the documents to be submitted for your child / spouse

Step by Step process of Quebec Skilled Worker Program Evaluation

Quebec skilled worker program is basically an assessment based program where skilled workers are invited by the respective province after evaluating the score grids of the applicant.

The selected applicants will receive CSQ-Quebec Selection Certificate an official selection confirmation from Ministry of Immigration Francisation and Integration or MIFI. On receiving CSQ the next step would be to apply to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.

Submission of all relevant documents supporting your work experience and educational qualification to the board of Quebec immigration authorities.



The processing time to verify all the produced documents and candidate enquiry might vary from 9-12 months.

The candidates applying for QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) must know the way the calculator works (set link to calculator) to evaluate their efficiency.



On the other hand, the applicant must know about the occupations having good demand and cross-verify whether they are eligible to apply for anyone of them.

Post verifying all your documents the authorities will provide CSQ that shows you are legally permitted to Canada.



Getting CSQ will take a maximum of 3 months after that the applicant can stay in Canada with their family based on their affordability rate and also can apply for PR (Permanent Residency)

Getting PR would take a maximum of 9 months and it involves the approval of the Quebec government which includes criteria provided by the Canadian central government and IRCC.



Getting PR would take a maximum of 9 months and it involves the approval of the Quebec government which includes criteria provided by the Canadian central government and IRCC.

High demanded jobs in Quebec

Since Quebec is found to be the land of opportunities there are wide amount of job openings available for immigrants especially who are technically sound in their profession.

  • HR Managers (NOC 0112)
  • Banking, Credit and Investment Managers (NOC 0122)
  • Engineering Managers (NOC 0211)
  • Computer and Information System Managers (NOC 0213)
  • Administrator (NOC 0421)
  • Sales, Marketing, Advertising Managers (NOC 0611)
  • Manufacturing Managers (NOC 0911)
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants (NOC 1111)
  • Financial and Investment Analaysts (NOC 1112)
  • Security agents, investment dealers and brokers (NOC 1113)
  • Financial officers (NOC 1114)
  • Human Resource Professionals (NOC 1121)
  • Professional occupations in business management consulting (NOC 1122)
  • Human Resource and Recruitment Officers (NOC 1223)
  • Assessors, Valuators and Appraisors (NOC 1314)
  • Physcists and Astronomers (NOC 2111)
  • Geo Scientists and Ocenographers (NOC 2113)
  • Biologists and Related Scientific Professionals (NOC 2121)
  • Civil Engineers (NOC 2131)
  • Mechanical Engineers (NOC 2132)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineers (NOC 2133)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers (NOC 2141)
  • Aerospace Engineers (NOC 2146)
  • Computer Engineers (NOC 2147) excluding software engineers and designers
  • Information System Analyst and Consultant (NOC 2171)
  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators (NOC 2172)
  • Software Engineers and Designers (NOC 2173)
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (NOC 2174)
  • Web Designers and Developers (NOC 2175)
  • Chemical technologists and technicians (NOC 2211)
  • Biological technologists and technicians (NOC 2221)
  • Agricultural and Fish products Inspectors (NOC 2222)
  • Civil Engineering technologists and technicians (NOC 2231)
  • Mechanical Engineering technologists and technicians (NOC 2232)
  • Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing technologists and technicians (NOC 2233)
  • Construction Estimators (NOC 2234)
  • Architectural technologists and technicians (NOC 2251)
  • Industrial Designers (NOC 2252)
  • Drafting technologists and technicians (NOC 2253)
  • Inspectors in Public and environmental health and safety (NOC 2263)
  • Construction Inspectors (NOC 2264)
  • Computer Network Technicians (NOC 2281)
  • User Support Technicians (NOC 2282)
  • System Testing Technicians (NOC 2283)
  • Head Nurses and Supervisors (NOC 3151)
  • Registered Nurses (NOC 3152)
  • Medical Radiation Technologists (NOC 3215)
  • Medical Sonographers (NOC 3216)
  • Opticians (NOC 3151)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 3233)
  • Technical Occupations in therapy and assessment (NOC 3237)
  • College and Vocational Instructor (NOC 4131)
  • Psychologists (NOC 4151)
  • Business Development Officers, Market Researchers and Consultants (NOC 4163)
  • Social policy researchers, Program Officers and Consultants (NOC 4164)
  • Professional Occupations in Social Science (NOC 4169)
  • Community and Social Service Workers (NOC 4212)
  • Librarians (NOC 5111)
  • Archivists (NOC 5113)
  • Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (NOC 5125)
  • Library and Public Archive Technicians (NOC 5211)
  • Graphic Arts Technicians (NOC 5223)
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators (NOC 5241)
  • Technical Slaes Specialists- Wholesale Trader (NOC 6221)
  • Sales Representatives (non-technical) -wholesale trader (NOC 6411)
  • Machinists, Machining and Tooling Inspectors (NOC 7231)
  • Tool and Die Makers (NOC 7232)
  • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics (NOC 7312)
  • Machine Fitters (NOC 7316)
  • Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors (NOC 7315)
  • Supervisors for food, beverage and other processed items (NOC 9213)
  • Supervisors for Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing (NOC 9214)
  • Supervisors for Motor Vehicle Assembling (NOC 9221)
  • Supervisors for Electronic Manufacturing (NOC 9222)
  • Supervisors Electrical Product Manufacturing (NOC 9223)
  • Supervisors for Mechanical and Metal Product manufacturing (NOC 9226)
  • Chenical Plant Machining operators (NOC 9421)
  • Machining Tool Operators (NOC 9511)

Factors influencing Quebec Entry Calculation

Immigration to Quebec through “Quebec skilled workers program’’ is the easiest way to move into Canada than the Federal skilled worker Visa.

Quebec skilled worker program is different from the Canada Express Entry point based immigration program, as this does not stress much for a job offer and ECA but the  processing time for a Quebec skilled worker program takes 15 to 17 months as per IRCC regulations.

Unlike other provincial states, Quebec has its nominee program and practices separate set of rules and regulations in selecting the eligible immigrant. One can undoubtedly choose Quebec skilled worker program for availing a permanent residence as Quebec stands out to be the most affordable cities among other major provinces of North America.

The most important factors that decide the entry of immigrants are age, education, work experience and language ability if in case the applicant is bringing his spouse then the calculation further varies according to the applicable criteria.

A) Age

When it comes to age, the points get decreased with increase in years. If the applicant is 18-35 years of age, then he/she will get full credit (i.e. a total points of 16), and gradually it decreases for the increase in every age and finally becomes invalid at the age of 43 years.

B) Education

Educational qualification is another important factor that decides the entry of an immigrant into Quebec.

  • Highh School- 2 points
  • Post secondary school- 4 points
  • Vocational High school- 6 points
  • Technical Diploma- 6 points
  • Under-graduate- 8 points
  • Post Graduate- 10 points
  • Doctrate- 12 points

C) Work Experience

The higher your work experience is the greater will be the chance to earn more points to get nominated to work in Quebec Province.

  • Below 6 months- NIL
  • 6months- 1 year- 4 points
  • 1-2 years- 4 points
  • 2-3 years- 6 points
  • 3-4 years- 6 points
  • 4+ years- 8 points

D) Language Ability

Apart from the general scoring grid patterns, Quebec Immigration does not demand the applicants to posses for a high articulate proficiency in French/English to qualify the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Since Quebec is a French speaking Province the immigrants are expected to have a decent proficiency in spoken French at least in a functional level to adapt to the environment and deal with cultural differences through communication.
The points for language ability test is allocated based on the way the applicant fix themselves in a particular category of language proficiency (English/French), The evaluation is based on CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark)






1-4 (0 points)

5-8 (1 point)

9-12 (1 point)


1-4 (0 points)

5-8 (1 point)

9-12 (1 point)


1-4 (0 points)

5-8 (1 point)

9-12 (1 point)


1-4 (0 points)

5-8 (1 point)

9-12 (1 point)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for Quebec PNP without job offer?

Yes, the Quebec province does not demand for a valid job offer, instead the program select candidates based on some common selection factors with a minimum bachelor degree and competent language skills, but a job offer from an employer of Quebec will be an added benefit for the applicant that increases the chances of nomination.

Is the Province of Quebec part of the Provincial Nominee Program?

No, Quebec is not a part of the Provincial Nominee Program; it is an independent immigration system that nominates potential immigrants with the required skill set under varied immigration pathways.

Can a candidate submit an application to the QSWP if he or she intends to live elsewhere in Canada?

On acquiring the permanent residence, the immigrants can move around anywhere in Canada but the program-QSWP is meant to select prospective immigrants who have real intentions to settle and build their lives only in the province of Quebec, so if the immigration authorities of Quebec are not satisfied with an applicant’s intent of moving to the Canadian province Quebec, the application may face a refusal.

What is the minimum CRS score for Quebec?

A single applicant must score a minimum of 50 points and if he/she is accompanying their spouse or common law partner, then the minimum score will be 59 points out of the total 120 points. The score grid comprises of the nine factors such as education, area of training, valid employment offer, work experience, age, language proficiency, stay and family in Quebec, spouse and common law partner characteristics, children accompany, and financial sufficiency.

How long does Quebec Skilled Worker program take?

The expected processing time for the applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker program is 15-17 months.

Is ECA required for Quebec immigration?

No, unlike other immigration programs, QSWP does not stress over ECA or a job offer as the program picks up potential immigrants based on other selection factors.

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