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Best Immigration & Visa Consultants in Pune

Every one of us dreams for certain things; whether that dream is still a dream or have you knitted it as your reality matters. We at Croyez, the best Consultancy for Canada in Pune will assist you in beautifully weaving your dream of settling in a foreign land with your family members. Croyez Immigration is one of the top immigration consultants in Maharashtra authorised by the Government of Canada. We work with our team of professionals who are proficient in this field. We take care of all your immigration needs. Once you sign up with us, you need not worry about your immigration process. We will take care of it with our utmost care.

Pune, also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is a vibrant city nestled in the western ghats of India. The city offers a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, making it a must-visit destination for tourists. With a rich history dating back to the Maratha empire, Pune is home to numerous historical landmarks, beautiful temples, and museums

Croyez, the leading Canada PR consultancy in Maharashtra, proffers customer-satisfied immigration services who wish to immigrate, work or settle in a foreign land. Croyez, the best visa consultants in Pune; stands unique among all not only for a team of professionals who are proficient in the field yet also for the way we assist and guide our customers. To all our knowledge the word immigration sounds to be tough and hard; Croyez, the finest Canada visa consultant in Pune will make it hassle-free for you. We will walk you through right from choosing the best country for your family, study, work, and business.

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Why Choose Croyez Immigration over Other Migration Consultants in Pune?

Pune is a cosmopolitan city of Maharashtra. People from different parts of the country call it their home. The city is a vantage point for many aspirants striving for a better future. There are hordes of coaching centers and visa consultants operating in the city.

If you are looking to migrate to Canada, you must find the best visa consultation services, without compromising on key deliverables. Canada has emerged as a country of opportunities with a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities. For people willing to work hard to accomplish their dreams, Canada is a dream destination. Applying for a PR to this country offers flexibility and opportunities you would otherwise not receive as a short-term visitor. Individuals should apply for Canadian PR with a reputed consultant who has a history of successful applications.
As an immigration expert in Pune, Croyez provides the best possible outcomes to our valued clients. People seeking top immigration consultants in Pune have consulted with us to receive the guidance they seek. Unlike other Canada PR consultants in Pune, we care about our valued clients and provide them with practical solutions to accomplish their goals.

Croyez Immigration has worked with thousands of clients over the years. Having processed countless applications, Croyez has made it possible for many people to travel to their favourite destinations around the globe.

Below are some of Croyez Immigration’s notable highlights:

  • A reputed immigration consulting company
  • A team of certified, qualified, and authorized professionals
  • Transparent and cost-effective services
  • Utmost attention to each client
  • Standardized processes based on industry specifications
  • Value-based services on credibility, accountability, and reliability

We have earned a reputation as one of the leading immigration consultants in India. Our client testimonials are proof of the quality of the services we offer. Be it work, education or tourism, talk to our team of experts to get your visa application processed without hiccups.

Visit our office in Pune to meet the best visa consultants in Maharashtra. Trust us to deliver the results.

Key Services offered by Croyez Immigration Pune?

Croyez immigration is known to the world as the best immigration consultants in Pune for its professionalism, comfort, and commitment in assisting our clients toward the immigration process. We proffer numerous immigration services to all our clients. The following are some of our main services:

  1. Documentation:

In the entire immigration process, documentation stands prior most important among all others. A minute error in the documentation process will lead to the rejection of the profile for the next 5 years. Croyez, the leading Canada pr consultancy in Pune will help you in the documentation process without any errors. Our team of experts is adept in this process of immigration as they are directly trained by RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant). They will keenly review the documents and your application from time to time. We will assure you that you will not encounter any hassle in the process till the end.

  1. Preparation for IELTS:

IELTS is a basic statutory English exam for tier-one countries. This exam plays a prime role in the profile of an immigrant. It is key for immigrants to swim through the whole immigration process. We know the importance of IELTS and the role it plays in an immigrant’s profile. Croyez will assist you to get a good score in the IELTS.

  1. Evaluation of Profile

We at Croyez, do in-depth research on our client’s profiles for guiding the immigration program that suits their profile. We will proffer a meticulous report about your profile, stating which program suits you, how much IELTS score you have to get into that program, and several other guidance & assistance.

  1. Post landing Services

We will stay connected even after you have reached your destination land. We will also steer you up till you get accustomed to the new place. We proffer you post-landing services like pre-landing guidance, airport pickup, accommodation, Opening a bank account, job assistance, educational guidance, and so on.

  1. Transparency

One of the core values of Croyez Immigration is transparency. We believe that transparency builds a strong relationship. It is a pillar of the sustainability of the client’s relationship. We are open to the immigration process for our clients. We keep our clients updated on the process of their application.

  1. Personally, Guided Process

The reason for our strong client base is that we have a strong connection with pure clients. We stay connected with them in clarifying their doubts and updating them regarding the process now and then. Through this, we have to build zealous bondage with our clients. We personally communicate with them and give them the best solution for their doubts.

Key Highlights of Our Services

Canada has become a favourite destination for immigrants in recent times. Every visa agent in town claims to be an expert in helping get your immigration application approved for Canada. You need a licensed and CRCIC – ICCRC-approved Canada visa consultants in Pune to ensure your application is correctly processed and accepted on the first attempt.

Your trust and satisfaction are vital. Our team assists with the initial paperwork and provides post-landing services once you travel to another country. 

We help people travel to Canada and other countries by offering the following services:

Croyez Immigration offers secure and trustworthy services for effective prices. Our expert Canada visa consultants in Pune know how to deal with complicated applications. We explain the situation to our clients and keep them up to date about the status of the application.

You do not have to worry about obtaining your visa. We will send you timely updates and follow-ups based on the progress of the application status. Avoid unnecessary stress as we assist you from start to finish.

How Can Croyez Immigration Help You?

Croyez Immigration is a reputed and reliable visa consultancy in Pune with vast experience processing thousands of applications to various countries. We guide our clients through the visa approval process by explaining the rules and policies.

Whether you want answers to your queries about immigrating to Canada or want to initiate the process right away, contact our team, and we’ll get it done.

Here are the services we assist interested immigrants to Canada with

  • IELTS coaching assistance
  • Information Confidentiality
  • Data security on the website
  • Integrated Approach
  • One-to-one consultancy 
  • Premium services
  • In-depth analysis and evaluation of each application
  • Expert team with vast industry knowledge
  • Up to date with the latest changes and developments
  • Higher success rate
  • Faster processing
  • Online and offline communication
  • No hidden charges

We are specialist Canada visa consultants in Pune, thorough in approach. We evaluate each profile with the utmost care. Our streamlined processes eliminate roadblocks and minimize the risk of rejections.

Reach out to Croyez Immigration to travel abroad with a happy smile on your face. No stress, no pressure, and no last-minute tension. Get a free first consultation by calling us at +91-97301 83161

Book free counseling with the best Immigration Consultants in Pune, Maharashtra

Over the years, we have received the most positive reviews from customers who have tagged us as the best visa agent in Pune. As visa consultants in Pune, we intend to deliver seamless and end-to-end guidance and solutions to our valued clients. Our Pune visa office follows the required standards and norms to accomplish this task.

Depending on the needs and goals of clients, Croyez provides appropriate advice for issues and pressing challenges that face applicants. While working closely with our clients, the organization strives to adhere to high professional standards and utmost confidentiality.

To ensure a favorable outcome, Croyez has employed the most practical measures that enable the company to address the needs of our valuable customers. Through our efficient, innovative and effective measures, our clients receive outcomes that serve their specific immigration goals in the best possible manner.

Let us be a part of your bright future. We will move towards success in your career and also in your life. We will be a good mentor for you in guiding you throughout the immigration process. As one of the leading visa agents in Pune, we will assist you in building the bright career that you dreamt of. To know more about the Canadian immigration process and permanent residency; book free counseling with us to rectify all your doubts about immigration.


  • Second Floor, Gagan Kapital, No: 202, Balkrishna Sakharam Dhole Patil Rd, next to Ruby Hall, Back Gate, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
  • +91 97301 83161
  • Pune@croyez.in

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the visas that Croyez Immigration Pune provides?

Croyez Immigration Pune proffers visas like permanent residence, family sponsorship programs, self-employed program, Temporary Resident Visa(TRV) with an open work permit, TRV with a study permit, Post-Graduation Work Program (PGWP), and Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP).

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?

One major difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant is that lawyers pursue a three-year degree program; whereas, immigration consultants pursue a one-year certificate program to get registered by ICCRC. Lawyers can represent in federal court; whereas, consultants can only appeal at the tribunal level. They are directly appointed by ICCRC. Consultants are persons who give you counseling and assistance about the immigration process.

How much does immigration cost?

For Canada, the cost of immigration will be around 2 lakhs – 2.5 lakhs approximately for an applicant. There are some additional charges for immigration: 1.325 CAD for the secondary applicant and 225 CAD per child.

Why go for an immigration consultant in Pune when I can do it myself?

Anyone can do the immigration process by themselves. The point is there are some crucial steps in it. If it’s an immigration consultant, they have robust knowledge about the process. Furthermore, there are high chances for profile rejection if we do it on our own, since we are not much aware of the documentation process. By any chance, if the profile gets rejected, the immigrant cannot apply for the next 5 years. At the same time, if immigration undertakes this immigration process, there is no room for rejection of the profile. Why? Because they do the documentation process with registered personnel.

How does Croyez Immigration help you obtain a Canada visa?

Croyez Immigration is tagged as the best immigration consultant in Coimbatore as it delivers all professional services beginning from profile analysis of an applicant followed by right guidance to the relevant immigration program, legal help, documentation assistance, IELTS assistance, pre-landing guidance, and post landing services. Moreover, the proficient team of Croyez will ensure its support in all the facets of the Immigration stages. Simply one can completely trust the services of Croyez Immigration to acquire a Canadian Visa.

Is an interview required for Canada PR?

A personal Interview plays a crucial role in Immigration and it depends on the category of immigration you choose. In case you process your application through express entry, you may be not required to appear for an Interview, and on receiving your ITA (Invitations to apply for permanent residence) you will be directed to the next step. The Canada PR requirement does not mandatorily demand you for a personal interview.

What employments are eligible for an employment permit?

One may be eligible for Canada work permits when he/she is provided with a valid employment offer or an employment contract from a legitimate Canadian employer. Once you get such a valid work permit, you can approach Croyez Immigration to be assisted for such type of work permit Visa’s. Regarding the employment and labor vacancy, one can check out the eligibility requirements and drop in your profile in JOB Bank -Canada’s leading source for exploring job opportunities.

The work permit may be given an exemption, if an applicant does not fall under the following categories:

  • Athlete or coach
  • Aviation accident or incident investigator
  • Business visitor
  • Civil aviation inspector
  • Clergy
  • Convention organizer
  • Crew member
  • Emergency service provider
  • Examiner and evaluator
  • Expert witness or investigator
  • Family member of foreign representative
  • Foreign government officer or representative
  • Health care student
  • Judge, referee or similar official
  • Military personnel
  • News reporter or film and media crew
  • Producer or staff member working on advertisements
  • Performing artist
  • Public speaker
  • Short-term highly-skilled worker
  • Short-term researcher
  • Student working off-campus
  • Student working on-campus

Connect with Us Today!

We build you a better career than you dreamt of. Our ultimate goal is to grow along with you by guiding you towards a bright future. Our primary goal is to provide the best immigration service to all our clients. Our team of experts will equip you with the latest updates about the immigration process now and then. We will solve all your immigration questions in the best way possible. Stay Connected with us for your bright future in your dreamed land.

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