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Canada has been a dream place for Indians, whether for education or living. The beautiful scenic views, diverse culture, and welcoming people have attracted aspiring students seeking fresh opportunities. Dreaming of a beautiful life is easy, but the most important thing is considering various aspects like fees and expenses for PR Canada from India.

Why is Canada PR so important? One of the main reasons is that Canada PR holds several benefits for students and their families. The country offers the best healthcare system, community support, education and other benefits that can help individuals thrive and grow.

The Canadian government offers several pathways that help students get a Canadian PR. There are programs for different streams, and the most popular ones are the Express Entry program and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), through which one can become a permanent resident. So, if you’re ready to leap, let’s look at Canada PR Costs from India in 2024.

Canada PR Visa Cost from India

Canada PR visa fees from India can vary for different provinces and cities, each having different immigration programs. Financial situations can be hectic, especially if you know the costs of application forms, courses, accommodation, travel, food, and living expenses.

If you’re an aspiring Indian student planning to make Canada your home, PR is an important process you need to go through. Below is an outline of the stages involved in the process and the estimated costs, though the costs are updated occasionally.

Canada PR Cost

Stages Cost
Language proficiency test   INR 15000 – 16500
Educational credential assessment (ECA)  INR 13000 – 20000
Express Entry profile  No Fee
Provincial Nominee Program  INR 15000 – 20000
Invitation to Apply (ITA)  No Fee
PR Application  INR 81000
Settlement funds  INR 8L – 17L

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for Canada PR from India?

Here are the costs involved:

  • Language Proficiency Cost

You must have a good understanding or proficiency when planning to study in an English-speaking country like Canada. Taking tests like IELTS and CELPIP to demonstrate language proficiency to the Canadian government further helps the cause. These tests evaluate reading, writing and speaking proficiency to determine how well you can manage in a different country.

The fee varies depending on the centre, but the average cost may be somewhere in the range of INR 15000 – 16500. Scoring high on language proficiency tests will make you eligible for various Canadian Immigration programs.

  • Educational Credential Assessment Cost

Validation of your educational certificates is essential to check if they meet Canadian requirements and draw recognition from universities and employers. The assessment is necessary for almost every course and degree completed outside Canada. The immigration authorities check if the educational certificates earned are equivalent to the Canadian education system.

The assessment fee varies from one organization to another and ranges from INR 13000 to 20000. ECA is essential as it adds value to PR applications and helps Canadian employers, institutions and immigration authorities learn about your qualifications, thus leading to success in the immigration process.

  • Express Entry Profile Cost

It’s a popular choice for many individuals who wish to visit Canada through the Express Entry program. After completing the language proficiency test and ECA, they will need an Express Entry profile. The program manages the Canada visa application online for the federal skilled worker class, the federal skilled trader class and the Canadian Express class.

The plus point is that creating an Express Entry profile is completely free. Having such a profile can open doors to many immigration programs and increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

  • PNP Cost

The Provincial Nominee Programs are the immigration programs created by the provinces of Canada. Different provinces may have different programs. The main goal is to choose immigrants who match the specific requirements of the province.

If a province nominates an individual, they will be given extra points on their Express Entry profile, which will help increase their chances of receiving ITA. The PNP Cost differs for different provinces, varying from INR 15,000 to 20,000.

  • Invitation to Apply (ITA) Cost

An invitation to apply for permanent residency is an important document and doesn’t cost any fee. It is an invitation given to eligible candidates to apply for permanent residency. Usually, students are selected from the Express Entry pool and extended with ITA.

After meeting all the criteria and getting a high Express Entry score, you will receive an ITA. Though there is no fee for ITA, you will have to pay for other applications and expenses. For example, the PR application fee is the main fee that includes fees for many applications involved.

Proof of Fund for Canada PR

After receiving ITA, you can apply for permanent residency. You will have to submit various applications and proof of funds to demonstrate that you have sufficient money to support your living, education, travel and other expenses in Canada. Or if you are living with your family, you must have enough funds to support them.

The main agenda of this requirement is to ensure that the candidates can settle in Canada seamlessly without relying on government or social assistance. You can increase your chances of a successful application if you meet the financial requirements. The total fee can range from around 8L-17L.

We hope the details have given you a good insight into the costs involved in the PR fees from India in 2024. The Canada PR application can open opportunities for a bright future. Though the fees can vary for different applications, it’s essential to understand all the financial aspects involved for a smooth transition.

Successful financial planning can help create a budget that can help you make informed decisions. Conducting thorough research, learning about all the information and taking guidance from consultants can help individuals effectively plan a budget from India in 2024.

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