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The Express Entry program requires a minimum score of 67 points for Canada Immigration or the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) to be eligible for permanent residence in Canada. Today, we will be looking at the framework of the Canada 67 points calculator and how to get the required eligibility score for a Canada work permit visa

What is 67 points for Canada Immigration

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) assess applicants for the Federal Skilled Workers Program to determine their eligibility using the 67 Points System in Canada Immigration. A score of 67 points (minimum) on the Canada 67 points calculator qualifies the applicants to move forward. A candidate can receive a total of 100 points under this program. The application will not be accepted if the applicant does not score at least 67 points. Simply Canada PR points calculator is formulated to test the eligibility of a candidate majorly for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Why do you need 67 points to Immigrate to Canada?

The 67 Points immigration Canada is generally framed to filter out an application in the initial stage considering the basic criteria like the age, education, language, and work experience of an individual. Also, the express entry which is identified as the fastest route of acquiring a Canadian PR Visa uses the 67 points calculator to take in an eligible profile.

The 6 Main Factors that Affect your 67 Point Score 

The express entry points calculator under the Skilled Worker category for Canada PR runs around the six factors and each of the factors carries its own importance.

Factors Max. points Available
Age 12
Work Experience 15
Language 28
Education 25
Arranged Employment 10
Adaptability 10

The minimum eligibility points for Canada PR requirements are calculated based on the following factors.

Total point: 100 points 

The allotment part for the basic eligibility factors as per the 67 points calculator

Required: 67 points 

Age: 12 points

Age plays a vital role in Canada PR points calculator as the younger and the middle age group would get the maximum points. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible for high scores. As they get older, their point score decreases. The maximum number of points one can receive for age is 12.

  • For candidates under the age of 18 receives no points.
  • For candidates between the ages of 18 and 35, the recommended point is 12 points.
  • For candidates above 35, the points vary (refer to the table below).
Age Points
Under 18 years 0
18-35 years 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
 40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
47 years and above 0

Work Experience: Maximum 15 points

The applicant earns good points if they work full-time for 30 hours per week for 12 months in a row. If an applicant has six years or more of work experience, they are eligible for the maximum point score in the total of 67 points calculator.

  • In the favored work experience segment, the highest point rewarded is 15 points.
  • It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience before applying for a PR Visa.
Work Experience Points
2 – 3 Years 11
4 – 5 Years 13
6 Above 15

Language: Maximum 28 points

The Canada PR points calculator considers language to be the most important aspect for an applicant ensuring ease of communication in the new Country.

Language tests include English and French—

  • Applicants who perform well in the language assessment are more likely to perform well in the Canada PR points calculation.
  • Applicants who are familiar with both languages are more likely to score higher.
  • English languages tests: CELPIP and IELTS
  • French language tests: TCF and TEF

The maximum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) provided for language proficiency is 24 points. An additional 4 points will be added if you know French, totaling 28 points.

English Language Proficiency Score Table

Reading Skills Speaking Skills Writing Skills Listening Skills CLB
Bands               6                6                 6             6- 7     CLB 7
Points              4               4                 4             4       16
Bands            6.5             6.5                 6.5             7.5      CLB 8
Points             5                5                   5              5       20
Bands          7 – 7.5               7                   7             8     CLB 9
Points             6              6                  6             6      24
Bands           8 – 9            7.5-9              7.5 – 9        8.5 – 9    CLB 10
Points              6              6                    6              6     24

French Language Proficiency Score Table

CLB Level Speaking skills Listening skills Reading skills Writing skills Added Points


4 4 3.5 to 4 4


Education: Maximum 25 points

The Express Entry Canada points calculator has apportioned 25 points for education, a major dominating factor for an individual to make the profile strong enough to apply for Canadian permanent residence and become the most potential applicant. Officials evaluate every diploma/ degree credentials to assess the educational qualifications candidate. The process is aided by regulatory bodies, typically by the World Education Services (WES).

  • Applicants must obtain an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for immigration purposes from their graduation university.
  • D. professionals will receive a maximum of 25 points.
PhD points
Master degree 23
Double Bachelor 22
Bachelor degree 21
Diploma 3 Years after Higher Secondary 19
Diploma 3 Years after 10th (High School) 15
High School 5

Arranged Employment: Maximum 10 points

The candidate must have a job offer from a Canadian company before migrating. To qualify for the points as per the Canada PR points calculator, the employment offer letter must be for a full-time position with a minimum of one year of experience.

Candidates can receive a maximum of 10 points if—

  • Candidates who are presently working in Canada as skilled labor under an LMIA authorized by the federal or provincial government.
  • Candidates authorized to work in Canada via an open work permit

Adaptability: Maximum 10 points

If the candidate already has a relative living in Canada, it can help them earn bonus points. An additional score of ten points may be granted to the applicant.

The express entry Canada points calculator will consider the rest factors and deliver a score card for each applicant.

You can get a maximum of 10 points if you have previous work experience & study in Canada or have a relative living in Canada.

Factors Points
Spouse IELTS 5
Blood Relation 5
Previous Work experience in Canada as a skilled occupation (minimum 1 year) 10
If your partner or spouse have previous work experience or  study 5
If your partner CLB is four or higher 5

Note: This category is not mandatory.

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How to Improve the Total 67 Point Score for Canada Immigration

The total score is based on a scale of 100 points, and candidates who score 67 or higher receive Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) points. If you don’t fulfill the 67-point accreditation requirement, you can consider the following initiatives to increase your scoring rate during the process for a Canada work permit.

  • Retake the Language test and strive for a higher score.
  • Get a degree or take a certification course to gain work experience.
  • Enhance your academic qualifications.


Canada is a country of skilled labor immigrants who can use their talents to help the Canadian economy grow. To be considered as a skilled labor immigrant, you must first apply for Canada Express Entry Program. And, immigration points to migrate to Canada are determined based on the factors discussed above. If you face challenges in meeting the 67-points score or struggling to boost your points, consider reaching out to immigration professionals— they can assist you with individualized counselling.

Good luck!


How do you calculate 67 points in Canada?

The Express Entry Canada points calculator has a framework to select immigrants under the skilled worker category which runs around the six selection factors such as age, education, skilled work experience, job offer, language skills, and adaptability.

What is the difference between Canada immigration eligibility criteria score and CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System score?

The Canada immigration eligibility criteria score will determine your eligibility for express entry and the minimum score you need to enter would be 67 out of 100, it is also known as the Express Entry Points calculator or 67 points calculator, and the Comprehensive ranking system CRS is used as a ranking tool to analyze a candidate’s profile for a total of 1200 points.

What is the cost for permanent residency in Canada?

The total cost for acquiring PR in Canada takes about 1365 CAD which includes the application processing fee of 850 CAD plus the RPR (Right of permanent residence fee) of 515CAD. In case you would like to accompany your spouse, it is again the same cost of 1365CAD and for the dependent child, it is 230CAD per child.

What is the highest CRS score in Canada?

As per the ministerial instructions of the Express entry rounds, the highest CRS score for the year 2022 in the month of January was 808 where 392 invitations were issued through the Provincial Nominee Program.

How to develop your score for immigration eligibility criteria points?

The prime ways through which an individual can improve the CRS scores are as follows:

  • Successful Provincial Nomination from a Canadian province 
  • Additional qualifications involve a diploma or a degree
  • Good IELTS score of the primary applicant or the spouse
  • Taking up a study in Canada 
  • Canadian work experience
  • Proficiency in French
  • A qualified LMIA-approved job offer 
  • A spouse who has completed his/her education or has work experience previously in Canada
  • Siblings holding Permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship

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