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Do you want to know whether you are approaching an authorised immigration consultant?
Follow the following ways to get to know about your immigration consultant.

find an immigration consultant

Step 2: Fill in the detail, either RCIC number, company name, or place.

To get the information about them. For example: In company name, type Croyez Immigration


Step 3 : Click SEARCH.

As a result, you will have the contact details of our RCIC representative.

RCIC Member Name

ICCRC Registered Consultant in Chennai

Croyez Immigration is registered under Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council(ICCRC). All your profiles will be analysed with deep care from our regulated Canadian immigration consultant to avoid rejections which made us the best immigration consultant in Chennai.

Why RCIC ?

  • They complete and submit all your paperwork correctly and on time.
  • They strengthen your application with a customized immigration strategy.
  • They also acknowledge you about the immigration options and pathways that are beyond your knowledge.
  • They keep themselves updated about the latest immigration policies and RCIC requirements.

Why RCIC registered Consultant?

1. Simplify the Process
2. Data Privacy
3. 100% strong Documentation
4. Database Management
5. No room for rejection

1. Simplify the process
Moving your visa application on your own rather than by an RCIC representative holds a colossal difference. An RCIC is well trained, qualified and adroit in handling the immigration documentation process. They will simply your visa process through their robust knowledge.

2. Data Privacy
Your visa application encloses all your personal information, which are confidential. When an unauthorised consultant handles it, there is a chance for fraudulence. But when you move it through an RCIC representative, it is safe as well as secure. In case, if there is any mislead without your knowledge, through, Authority to release the personal information, you can file a case. Until the issue is resolved, their license will be suspended. You must do an rcic license check of all the members of the iccrc consultant list before to avoid any frauds. 

3. 100% strong documentation
An RCIC representative possesses ample knowledge about the immigration process. Normally, immigration is an entangled process it does requires a lot of paperwork. RCIC representative consultants are a wizard, in arranging these documents in an error-free format and sequence. They will also have the latest updates about new country policies; so, there is a 100% guarantee for strong documentation of your profile. You can perform an iccrc number check before choosing your representative to ensure that you get an authentic consultant to work for you.

4.Database Management
If an unauthorised consultant moves your application, there is a chance to loosen up your profile; once the immigration process is completed. But at the same time, when an RCIC moves it, they will maintain your profile for 7 years so that you can easily get your name into the iccrc Canada members list. Through this, they can assist and guide you in future during your stay in Canada.

5. No room for rejection
When you process your visa application through an RCIC representative, they have prior knowledge and experience in handling the visa application. They can deftly identify and rectify the mistakes in your application. If an unauthorised consultant processes your profile with any mistake, your profile will be rejected for the next 5 years. When an RCIC takes up the charge, there is no room for rejection of your profile. Check the iccrc members list to know about the iccrc registered consultants. 

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