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What is CICC in Canadian Immigration?

The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is the new Canada’s professional Immigration regulatory body which was formerly known as ICCRC, established to regulate all the RCIC’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. The self-regulatory body got its official launch by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser on November 23rd, 2021. This new bureaucratic governance is vested with certain new powers that would validate and authorize the Immigration Consultants.

Role of CICC Canada

The new statutory College CICC Canada, abiding by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act, will approve and allow eligible individuals to practice immigration and citizenship Consulting.

Apart from the provision of authorisation it also supervises the Consultants with high regard to the code of professional conduct, and also takes action against unauthorized consultants in the interest of saving the newcomer.

Who are RCICs?

RCICs are the immigration consultants who are authorized by the college of Immigration and Citizenship to practice Immigration by giving citizenship consulting and representing a newcomer or an immigrant, the consultants will be regulated by the CICC after earning a graduate diploma in Immigration and Citizenship by passing the entry to practice exam, the full skill examination conducted by CICC. Once you provide quality services as per the national regulatory body, you will be recognized as a RCIC, known as the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).

Why ICCRC is Replaced as CICC?

The former regulatory body ICCRC was found quite ineffective in the execution of the supervisory steps for regulation of the Immigration consultants, so the council planned for a better regulatory system, so the body is built in such a way that establishes strong professional conduct along with effective measures to protect the common people from unauthorized consultants.

Why Hire a RCIC Consultant?

An immigration consultant helps an applicant by providing authenticated legal and documentation assistance in all the facets of immigration stages to increase the chances of Visa approval for the study, work or settle in Canada avoiding needless rejection of the application.

Benefits of Hiring a RCIC Consultant

  • Clean Documentation
  • Ensures maximum chances of Visa approval
  • Regular updates about the changing laws and policies 
  • Get clear insight into the policies, procedures, and guidelines of Canadian Immigration




What if My Canadian Immigration Consultant is Not Authorized?

If you have initiated your immigration process with an unauthorized Consultant who has charged a sum of money as a representation fee and in the progress, you came to know about the malpractice, you can immediately report the disallowed and uncertified consultants to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre through these ways; 

  • Bring it to the notice of CICC by writing the issue in Webform
  • Also, you can notify the same with Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA)
  • Remove their representation of your application by cancelling them by filling a `Use of representative’ form and submit the same through a web form

How to Select an Immigration Consultant for Canada PR?

The selection of an Immigration Consultant is one of the important decisions an individual has to take if he wishes to acquire a Canadian PR as there are many fraudulent practitioners who may mislead and try to loot money, so it is highly advisable to have a check on the below-given points before seeking the service of an Immigration Consultant;

  • A certified Immigration consultant group or professional expertise should be registered with CICC Canada, to confirm this status, check the registered member’s name list on the CICC website
  • A proficient team of Consultants who can give you reliable service with transparency
  • The expert should be equipped with extensive knowledge about immigration laws, policies, and restrictions
  • Beware of agencies that give you employment guarantees, false hopes, and commitments

How Does CICC Help Immigration Candidates?

CICC Canada through the implementation of strict guidelines has created a proper framework to monitor the immigration consultants with a new code of professional conduct ensuring they maintain the standards in the provision of their Citizenship and consulting services. Any misguidance found with such representatives in processing the profile of an applicant may lead to cancellation of license with other severe punishments according to the act.

Why Clients Should Work with CICC Licensed Migration Experts?

Despite the charge to be paid for a certified migration consultant, there are highly beneficial services you could actually derive from them as they would probably have profound knowledge in the field and be at the capacity to analyze a client’s profile crystal clear rectifying all the bottlenecks and thus ensuring the Visa approval on time. Amidst the complexities involved in the laws and policies of Canadian Immigration, the right guidance from these experts could have that exclusive professional touch in dealing with your application. The rejection or refusal of application from the department could also be easily sorted out by them as they would have the ability to rightly assess and understand the problem and make appropriate decisions that actually required for Visa clearance.


Are overseas Canada immigration consultants also regulated?

Any individual who wishes to practice Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Consulting or representation must be authorized by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act and should also be a registered consultant of CICC CanadaThe College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

How to protect yourself against Canadian immigration fraud?

Besides checking the CICC official website for authorized Immigration Consultants, you should also know certain points to protect yourself against Canadian Immigration fraud,

  1. Know that your application will not have any special notice or attention if it is applied through a representative, so avoid spending huge sums of money to obtain their services.
  2. Check and know the processing fee for Canada that remains the same all around the world. Do not pay a penny extra more than the actual fee.
  3. Step Back from those who push you to fill in false information in the application and encourage you to submit fake documents.
  4. Beware of signing unnecessary documents/ blank forms with your representatives
  5. Avoid submitting original documents and photographs

What is CAPIC in Canada immigration?

CAPIC is a professional organization for Immigration and Citizenship Consultants that openly voices out to promote and protect the ethics and morals of the profession abiding by the Canadian Immigration System. The member of the association would be benefitted from an overall professional development stage by stage seeking all the educational inputs, training, and skills offered, also help to build a social network among their peers to actively grow together as an immigration Consultant Community.

Why are Consultants regulated by Canadian Government?

To be certified as a Canadian Immigration Consultant, it is an obligation to get approved by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the individual should be a good standing member of any one of the organizations to lawfully practice Immigration and Citizenship Consulting,

  • a law society of a province or territory (for lawyers or, in Ontario, paralegals)
  • the Chambre des notaries du Québec
  • the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

Is my immigration consultant authorized?

To check whether your Immigration consultant is authorized, you can visit the official CICC website and follow these steps:

Fill in the CICC number of your representative, company name and place, and click search; you will end up having the results of CIC representative with their Identification number and contact details. If you are not able to find an immigration consultant registered under CICC through the official website, there may be high chances of fraudulency involved with the chosen consultant.

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