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Canada is one of the renowned multi-cultural companies and a favorite destination for students and job seekers alike. Canada is home to immigrants from different parts of the world. 

Canada has a unique way of describing occupations and organizing them as per the skills and locations. 

National Occupational Classification (NOC) lists job descriptions based on the skills required, location, and work experience. A NOC finder Canada will help you get the NOC most apt for a particular job. Most Canadian immigration programs leverage this system to be abreast of the new hiring alerts and pre-requisites for a job like work experience. 

What is NOC?

In simpler terms, NOC is a system where each occupation in the list has a unique four-digital code. This code is the NOC code. If you are looking for a job opportunity in Canada, you need to check out the NOC code for the position you want to apply for. NOC code helps organizations in creating proper recruitment strategies.

You need to be careful while choosing the NOC code. Use the NOC finder Canada services to choose the best NOC code. 

Essentially, the NOC code depicts the following traits:

  • Job Title
  • Lead Statement
  • Job Description

Your current job title is not of much relevance while determining the NOC code. Instead, what matters is your work experience. It should be a perfect match to the lead statement. You must also have experience in the areas mentioned as duties and responsibilities in the job description. 

Types of IRCC Classified Occupations Based on Skills:

For immigration purposes, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) classifies an occupation as either high-skilled and low-skilled, based on the skill level reflected in the NOC code. Here we have listed the different skill types and skill levels to give you an idea of how you choose a NOC code while applying for a job-based immigration opening. 

Skill Types:

For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies job groups into 10 skill types. Each skill type has a single-digit code associated with it. 

  • 0 for Management jobs
  • 1 for Business, finance, and administration jobs 
  • 2 for Natural and applied sciences and related jobs 
  • 3 for Health jobs 
  • 4 for Jobs in education, law and social, community, and government services 
  • 5 for Jobs in art, culture, recreation, and sport 6-Sales and service jobs 
  • 7 for Trades, transport and equipment operators and related jobs 
  • 8 for Natural resources, agriculture, and production jobs 
  • 9 for Jobs in manufacturing and utilities

Skill Level

For immigration purposes, the (IRCC) classifies job groups into 5 categories based on the skill level required for various jobs. 

  • Skill Level type 0- Management Jobs
    1. The highest level of job and revolve around managerial roles. For immigration purposes, these come under the skilled level positions. 
  • Job titles such as hotel managers, hiring managers, mine managers, resort managers, human resource managers, factory managers, etc. come under this category. 
  • For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies this as a ‘high skilled occupation’.
  • Skill Level type A- Professional Jobs 
    1. Professional jobs like engineering, medicine, finance, economy, teaching come under this category. Some common job titles include product engineers, dentists, doctors, nurses, marketing specialists, finance specialists, and so on. 
    2. You will need a professional college or universal degree in the relevant field to apply for these jobs. 
    3. In the NOC code, you will find skill level A defined as ‘1’. 
    4. For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies this as a ‘high skilled occupation’.
  • Skill Level type B – Supervisory Jobs 
    1. The skill level type B encompasses jobs at the supervisory level of all industries. 
    2. It also includes jobs where there is a need for technical skills such as electricians, mechanics, bakers, executive administrative roles, and so on. 
    3. You will need at least a diploma in the relevant field to apply for these jobs. 
    4. For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies this as a ‘high skilled occupation’.
    5. In the NOC code, you will find skill level B defined as ‘2’. 
  • Skill level type C -Intermediate Jobs 
    1. The skill level type C includes jobs at the intermediate level of any industry. 
    2. Some examples of job titles under this category include receptionists, truck drivers, travel guides, dispatchers etcetera. 
    3. You will need a High School Education to apply for these jobs. 
    4. For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies this as a ‘low skilled occupation’.
  • Skill Level type D – Labour Jobs
    1. The skill level type D includes labor jobs that require a couple of training sessions.
    2. Some examples of occupations that fall under this category are janitors, service station attendants, dry cleaners, and kitchen helpers’ etcetera.
    3. You need not require any educational qualifications to apply for these jobs. 
    4. For immigration purposes, IRCC classifies this as a ‘low skilled occupation’. 


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NOC Code – Decoded

A four-digit (in some cases a five-digit) NOC code has information about the skill type, job role, education, and skill required for an occupation. 

The first digit indicates the skill level, and the following digits give information about other traits. 

If yours is a managerial role, the first digit will always be 0, and the second digit will indicate the industry (skill type). If it’s a higher managerial role such as a CEO or director, the NOC code will have double zeros, making it a five-digit NOC code. 

To help you understand a NOC better, let us look into some examples. 

Examples of NOC:

  • NOC 2173


2- Skill type for the occupation, ‘Natural and applied sciences and related jobs’.

1- Skill level for occupation, ‘Skill level Type A’- requires a college or equivalent degree.

73- Specialized services  

  • NOC 0213

As you can see, the first digit is 0. 

Therefore, it is a managerial role.

0- Management job

2- industry- Natural and applied sciences and related jobs 

13- specialized services

How to know if you are a Skilled worker/under Express Entry?

If your professional background comes under NOC skill level 0, A, or B; then you are labeled as a skilled worker. This indicates you are eligible for express entry or permanent residence under the programs:

If you come under NOC skill level C and D, you can still migrate and settle in Canada:

  • For Skill level C: Intermediate-Skilled Program of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 
  • Leverage Provincial Nomination Programs Like The Northwest Territory PNP, The Yukon PNP, The Prince Edward Island PNP(PEI), and others
  • Apply for a Temporary Residence visa, gain 2 years of experience and apply for a permanent residence visa.  


NOC codes play a vital role in your immigration application and you need to be careful while choosing the same. Immigration consultants help you find the NOC Canada and reduce the chances of rejecting your application. Since there are lots of factors to consider while choosing the NOC code, it is always best to seek guidance from qualified PR visa consultants. 

Croyez Immigration provides end-to-end support through your immigration application process. Being one of the best visa consultants in Chennai, we make sure all of our clients get the right support at the right time. 

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