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If you want to get a permanent resident visa, Canada student visa or any visa you have to undergo a medical test. To know more about what is covered in the Canada medical test list, Please contact Croyez Immigration Consultancy for expert services.

Canada wants young and fits professionals and students to migrate to its country so that they can contribute to social and economic growth. Therefore, any individual who is planning to immigrate and become a permanent resident of Canada, whether for higher studies or to get a high-paying job, must undergo Canada medical test. As per law, your Canada visa application approval success heavily relies on clearing the medical examination.

Who Requires Canada’s Medical Test?

The candidate looking to become a permanent resident of Canada and all the family members immigrating along with him/her should undergo Canada medical test. It includes partners, spouses, parents, grandparents, and dependent children. In addition, for a temporary resident who stays in Canada as a live-in caregiver, a medical examination pass is mandatory.

Where can I get a medical test for a Canada student Visa and PR?

The immigration medical examination can be done in the home country or any other country when you are under the Canada PR process. The most crucial condition for the exam is that the doctor carrying out your physical examination must be one of the physicians on the panel.

  • The doctor mentioned in the list as a designated panel physician approved by IRCC only can carry out Canada’s medical tests. 
  • Only these doctors are authorized to conduct your medical examination and offer a Health Certificate.

Which Medical Tests are Necessary for Permanent Resident Canada Consideration?

General physical checks for the heart, eyes, nose, lungs, etc., are carried out during the medical examination. The tests such as chest X-rays, blood tests for HIV and Syphilis, urine tests, etc., are common tests that immigrants must undergo as a part of the Canada PR process. 

A Temporary resident visa seeker must undergo Canada medical tests if:

  • You’ve visited or lived in Canada for at least 6 months within the previous year.
  • You have planned to work in a place where public health protection is a mandate. 
  • You are applying for a super visa for a parent or grandparent. 

 List of Medical Examinations for Canada Visa 

Even if you are staying in Canada as a temporary resident, live-in caregiver, or visitor, a thorough medical examination is compulsory for immigrants who have submitted visa applications. The following medical tests are conducted for your Canada PR process.

Thorough Physical Examination

  • This medical examination includes checking the nose, eyes, heart, lungs, and other organs. You should discuss your medical history and reveal any existing health issues for which you are taking treatment and medication. 
  • If your health is good and any existing health issues are under control, you will get a green signal and clear Canada’s medical tests.

Blood Tests

  • To become a permanent resident of Canada, the applicant must be free from chronic diseases and disorders like active TB, Syphilis, and HIV. 
  • The blood test is a critical diagnostic test for identifying other disorders that affect your overall health.

Chest X-Rays

  • It is an essential medical examination to check for any persisting issues with crucial systems.
  • For females who have submitted Canada visa applications and are pregnant, the X-Ray test is not done as it may affect the fetus.
  • However, after the child’s birth, both the mother and the child need to take certain tests

Urine Tests

  • An in-depth medical examination of the immigrant applicant’s urine sample is also carried out to determine any underlying medical problems. Issues such as diabetes to various major problems can be diagnosed through this test.

Note that only a civil surgeon mentioned on the panel is allowed to conduct Canada medical tests and issue a Health Certificate. The final approval regarding the visa solely depends on the Department of Citizenship & Immigration Canada.



Checklist to get your Medical test for Canada student Visa

The candidates applying for a student visa to Canada must undertake all the mandatory medical test for Canada student visa to prove their fitness and health stability. The Canada medical test list is the same as for any visa process like PR or Temporary Resident.

Requirements for a Medical Examination to Apply for a Permanent Resident of Canada

  • The applicants and their family members must be healthy according to the regulations of Canadian immigration. 
  • In addition to examining the applicant, they also examine any members of the applicant’s family who will be applying for a Canada family visa to ensure their current or expected medical conditions are acceptable to Canadian Health and Social Services and do not create any problems.

Applicants or any family members suffering from chronic diseases, medical or psychiatric conditions that require frequent hospitalization, and continuous medical supervision are usually considered inadmissible for becoming permanent residents of Canada after the medical examination.

Cost of Canada Visa Medical Test

A series of medical tests for Canada student visa & permanent resident of Canada will cost you around Rs. 5000- Rs. 9000. These will include X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, and all other tests that are listed above.

Validity of Canada Medical Tests 

The Health Certificate provided by the designated panel surgeons is valid for the following year. If your Canada visa applications are submitted one year after getting the Health Certificate, you may be needed to undergo a medical examination once again.

What to Expect During a medical test for Canada Visa

Only an approved panel doctor is authorized to conduct a complete medical examination for the Canada PR process.

When do You Arrive for a Medical Examination?

The panel doctor or other staff members will ask for identification to ensure the applicant himself has appeared for the medical examination. If you’re referred for x-ray exams or other tests, you may be requested once again to show your identification before the tests begin. 

Medical History Questionnaire for Canada Visa Medical Test

  • The clinical physician will fill out a medical history questionnaire along with you. 
  • This questionnaire is about any existing or previous medical conditions. 
  • You will be asked about prescription medications you are currently on for some health issues. 
  • You must be honest, and tell the panel physician all your medical issues if any. Processing your medical examination could take longer if you don’t reveal it yourself. 

Physical examination

The panel physician or other staff will:

  • Measure your height
  • Weigh you
  • Check your vision and hearing
  • Record your blood pressure
  • Check your pulse
  • Listen to your lungs and heart
  • Check your abdomen
  • Check the movements of your limbs
  • Look at your skin condition 

Based on your current age, you may be asked to get chest x-rays and other tests at the clinic or a laboratory. You may be referred to a different specialist for further testing if the results of the medical examination are not clear or need further investigation. The applicants must complete this at the earliest to prevent delays in getting the health certificate.

After Your Medical Examination is Completed

  • Once the medical examination is completed, the physician will provide the medical report. The doctor will offer a document to confirm that you had a medical exam.
  • If you’re not happy with how the panel physician or panel radiologist conducted your medical examination, you may
  • Complain via a Web form or
  • Get in touch with the Client Support Centre

What are the Jobs That Require a Medical Examination for the Canada PR process?

  • Clinical Laboratory Workers
  • Health Sciences Workers
  • Patient attendants in geriatric and nursing homes
  • Medical students seeking admission to Canadian Universities
  • Medical Electives & Physicians
  • Teachers of primary and secondary schools
  • Domestic workers who provide home care to children, the elderly, and the disabled individuals
  • Day Nursery workers
  • Agricultural Workers

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