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A set of programs that assists young generations from the participating countries to work and travel across Canada is known as the International Experience Canada (IEC).

But this access to work and travel simultaneously is temporary, and the Canadian work permit visa remains valid only for a year. In addition, IEC-selected candidates can apply for a Canadian work permit without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

What is the Standard Eligibility for IEC Participation?

For an enthusiastic participant for the IEC, they have to be within the accepted age range for their country’s program. The maximum accepted age is thirty-five years. The participant’s country must also have an agreement with Canada authorising an application for a work permit. IEC has three attractive work programs: working holiday visa, young professionals, and international co-op internships.

Let’s look at some of the participating countries in the IEC programs:

  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Belgium
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Chile

The countries mentioned above are a few examples in a long list of many others. If you are interested, it is worth finding out whether your country is a participant. But it is critical to note that the eligibility criteria, application procedure, and success factors vary as per the selected program and the country. Furthermore, in case your country is not a participant, you can get access to the program through the assistance of any recognised organisation or ROs.


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Importance of the Recognised Organisation (RO):

The RO is one of your most crucial steps towards going for the International Experience Canada. If you are considering working and travelling in Canada, then research thoroughly about the ROs and pick the one that suits your objectives and requirements. An RO is in existence to assist you with:

  • Introducing you to the Canadian languages and cultures.
  • Providing information about the governing laws and all the taxes involved.
  • Assisting you with finding a job in Canada.
  • Get transportation assistance for your travelling purposes.
  • To help you with the support and any other required advice.

The Three Specialized Program Offerings of IEC:

Work Holiday Program:

This program is for candidates who want the freedom to work for any employer while travelling in Canada. Selected applicants for the Working Holiday Program receive an open work permit.

The benefit of an open Canada work permit visa is that it is not employer-specific. As a result, you can choose any employer and any work location within the country. The highlights of this program include:

  • Applicants can be selected even without any job offers from employers in Canada.
  • You can merge travelling with earning.
  • You do not need to work for any particular employer or any particular sector.
  • You also have the freedom to choose your work location in sync with your travel plans.

Young Professionals:

If you are looking for a work opportunity, Young Professionals is the perfect program for you. This program provides foreign nationals with Canadian professional work experience by working for a Canadian employer.

To be selected for this program, you need to have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Selected candidates for the Young Professionals program are then given an employer-specific work permit. This program is an excellent opportunity for applicants if you want to:

  • Seek a stable job offer from one employer at a particular location in Canada.
  • Look for a job with payment and not become self-employed.
  • Get a job offer from a Canadian employer that will increase your professional experience in the long run, and add to a successful career.

International Co-op:

This program is specifically dedicated to students selected for post-secondary education in any Canadian institution. International students can complete their requirements for post-secondary education by getting an internship or work placement in Canada. The selected candidates are then given an employer-specific work permit. This program is ideally suited for candidates who are:

  • Foreign national students registered for a post-secondary degree course in any Canadian institution
  • Candidates with job offers for placement or internship opportunities in Canada
  • Students who require work or internship opportunities to complete their studies
  • Applicants interested in working for a stable employer and at a particular location during their stay in Canada

The Application Process for IEC:

It is crucial to research the correct application procedure for IEC. Enthusiastic candidates need to know the documents, permits, and other essential paraphernalia required for International Experience Canada.

Let us see the important steps to follow if you want to get selected for IEC:

  1. Creating an IEC profile is the most primary requirement in the application process. Create a personal profile on the IEC website once you are sure of your country’s participation in the IEC and are set on your interested program. If you are eligible, your account will be added to the list of IEC candidates.
  2. IEC candidates are selected through random draws conducted at regular intervals. If you are chosen, you will get an ‘Invitation to Apply.’ Check the quotas and program availability in your country; both of these factors vary from country to country. Verifying your country’s quotas can increase your chances of getting selected.
  3. You will be given a ten-day allowance to accept your ‘Invitation to Apply.’ Once accepted, you will receive a twenty days grant to submit your online application for a Canada work permit visa. If the invitation is accepted, your application will be added back to the list of IEC applicants for participation in future draws.
  4. Every foreign national is required to submit their online Canada work permit visa application using the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.
  5. Once your application is checked and verified, you will receive a confirmation of your work permit, along with the validity period of your authorisation to work in Canada.


In recent times, Canada has risen to new opportunities relating to employment, education, and travel. International Experience Canada is one such prospect that assists foreign internationals with flexible work and travel experiences. It has gained prevalence due to its dynamic aspects that attract younger generations from all over the globe to Canada and help them build successful careers.

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