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Canada has recently announced its ambitious 2022-24 Immigration Levels Plan. Most Canadian provinces have incurred the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic and are facing dire labour shortages. Hence, every province has put up its list of in-demand occupations under the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. There is a resounding demand, whether Manitoba PNP, Alberta Express Entry, or Ontario Human Capital Priorities. 

What is most interesting is that many in-demand occupations don’t necessarily require college degrees. Most of the jobs are well-paying, and all you need is relevant work experience. So not being a graduate need not necessarily obstruct your dreams of a plush life in Canada. If you are keen on working and settling down in Canada, there are plenty of lucrative opportunities. Check out these in-demand occupations that you can apply for without a formal college degree:


The job of a sales associate or salesperson doesn’t necessarily require a formal degree. A diploma or sales certification course is necessary at best. Most importantly, a few years of work experience in retail/allied sales and strong English/French language speaking skills are required. You can earn 15 to 20 Canadian dollars per hour working as a salesperson based on where you work. In the aftermath of the shutdowns in 2020 and 2021, big retail chains across Canada are now hiring extensively.

Farm Worker: 

Provincial economies that heavily rely on agriculture are constantly looking for skilled farmers. For this, you don’t need a degree, but hands-on farming skills and experience are required. If you have had prior experience in farming, your chances of qualifying for the Manitoba PNP are exceptionally high. Other major agricultural provinces with nominee programs that you can easily qualify for include Saskatchewan and Alberta. You can earn 10 to 15 dollars per hour based on the workload.

Web Developer:

The IT Sector in Canada is amongst the fastest developing industries in the country. There is an increased demand for website and app development and even AI solutions, cloud computing, and data analytics. In the realm of web development and coding in Canada, your skills and work portfolio matter more than your degree. So if you have only pursued a diploma or part-time course instead of a B.Tech or B.E, you are still eligible to apply. Of course, multiple Indian IT Sector Applicants are vying for Canadian Express Entry. But if your work experience is relevant, your chances of selection are decent. As a web developer, you can easily make 25 to 30 Canadian Dollars per hour.





If you have experience in wine brewing/sampling, you have a good probability of qualifying for the job position of a Sommelier. These are auspicious job positions as far as the wine-producing provinces of British Columbia and Ontario are concerned. Apart from working at vineyards, you can also work at top restaurants or be in charge of wine cellars. You could earn anywhere between 20 to 30 dollars per hour based on your areas of responsibility.


Across most provinces of Canada, the logistical network warrants skilled and experienced truck drivers. As opposed to India, this is a decent-paying job at an average of 25 dollars per hour. For instance, the manufacturing hubs of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton, and Quebec are always on the lookout for experienced truck drivers. Moreover, you certainly don’t require a college degree for this work profile, although a driving test is compulsory. Even now, the country is faced with a shortage of skilled truck drivers. So additional perks are being provided to attract more applicants.


Skilled and well-experienced plumbers are in great demand across Canada. Even if you have a short tenure of work experience in this field, you can always apply for an apprenticeship. A college degree is obviously of no consequence in your job application as a plumber. There are multiple prospects of employment as a plumber. For instance, you can work with both residential and commercial plumbing service providers, as well as construction companies. Furthermore, after gaining a few years of experience and getting a PR visa, you can always start your own plumbing business. You can begin anywhere between 25 to 30 dollars per hour.


The Canadian Real Estate Market is rising by leaps and bounds. This has been attributed to the booming economy and the rising number of real estate companies. Many immigrants looking to permanently settle there are always on the lookout for good house deals. The industry, like all others, has suffered a setback during the Covid-19 pandemic. But since the last quarter of 2021, demand has increased for experienced realtors, expected to augment further in 2022. The pay is good, but it is primarily commission-based. It depends on your ability to sell or rent out properties. 


A high school diploma is the bare minimum qualification that you need to gain employment as a firefighter in Canada. Having the required physical fitness and absolutely no criminal history is a must. Furthermore, you need to have certified First Aid and CPR Training. A college or university degree is not required to apply for this position. It is considered to be a very respectable job in Canada with good pay and perks. The only downside is erratic or long working hours, as you will be dealing with fire emergencies.


Based on the above occupations that don’t require a college degree, are you looking to secure a worker visa Canada? It is undoubtedly a good decision! For aspiring immigrants, Canada is a land of unlimited opportunities. A highly developed nation with modern living standards and facilities, it is a great place to settle with your family. Every major Canadian city has a sizeable Indian population. In fact, Indian workers and entrepreneurs have been hailed as significant contributors to the Canadian economy. Unlike many regressive practices in India, there is a high dignity of labour associated with every skilled profession in Canada. It doesn’t matter whether you work as a farmer, a truck driver, a realtor, or a web developer. You will get good remuneration as an experienced worker and social security as a permanent resident.

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