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Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong is the ultimate immigration destination for Indians indulged in financial sector, capital market or any other businesses. Hong Kong is rightly termed as the Centre of finance of South Asia and is governed by China. Apart from having scenic natural and artificial beauty, which mesmerizes the travelers from across the globe, Hong Kong also has too much to offer for every section of society.Highly skilled applicants like Nurses, Accountants, Engineers, HR Managers, Public Relation Service, Restaurant Managers, and Logistics etc. can apply for residency in Hong Kong. If the applicant wishes to work in Hong Kong which is one of the most successful economies in Asia, it may be worth considering a Hong Kong Skilled Immigration Program.High skilled applicants and wealthy investors hardly find any difficulties in going through statutory compliances of the Hong Kong immigration process. Besides that, thanks to the immigration agents like us, even for a middle class aspirant, the dream to reach Hong Kong is never far from reality.

Benefits of Immigration to Hong Kong

The biggest benefit of immigration to this nation is that it boasts of an absolutely free economy. Tax rates here are pretty insignificant. There is also no inheritance tax. There are no crippling foreign exchange controls either.

The major benefit of Hong Kong immigration is, it boasts of an extremely free economy and the tax rates in this country are pretty less. There is also no legacy tax.

Hong Kong is a legal country, which assures to offer certain human rights and safeguard of private property and human rights. Thus, a number of overseas nationals prefer to migrate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong boasts of an extremely flourishing material and spiritual civilization with a high quality of life, even as all this makes the country as the very best city for immigrants.

The country offer education without any charge for the immigrant's children. After shifting to the nation, migrants' children can benefit from completely free education for a period of nine years.

The Banking and professional services sector remains the primary employer of expatriates. Recently, Hong Kong had brushed off financial the global financial crisis and once again recruits banking talents.

Immigration to Hong Kong entitles the individuals to the residency in a swifter and easier manner. The immigrants need only few months to apply for the residency status.

Hong Kong government is resourceful and honest and it is also known for its unmatched service to the community, regarding the public beliefs, defending public interests. The positive aspect of the state is another benefit of Hong Kong immigration.

General Points Test

The GPT is a points based immigration scheme similar to that offered by the UK and Australia.The following is a quick breakdown of Hong Kong's skilled immigration points test:

Prevailing Minimum Passing Mark

The prevailing minimum passing mark is 80.

A minimum passing mark is set under the General Points Test. Interested parties are advised to assess whether their credentials are adequate to meet the minimum passing mark before submitting an application. The minimum passing mark is subject to change from time to time without prior notice.

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